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Only collections with inventories are listed in alphabetical order. This represents about half of the material in the archives. Please contact the History Center regarding other materials available.

Bache, Louise F. Report, 1915; 15-0001. 5 leaves.
Report on conditions in Rosenberg Library during the hurricane of August 16, 17, 1915 by Miss Louise F. Bache, Children's Librarian.

Ball, Hutchings and Company Records, 1891-1893; 28-0037 thru 28-0041. 5 papers.
Contracts awarded by the Penitentiary Board of the State of Texas for the labor and service of sixty convicts.

Ball, Hutchings and Company Records, 1885-1894; 49-0001 thru 49-0006. 6 items.
Articles of agreement and partnership papers of the banking company, with John H. Hutchings, George Sealy, Rebecca Sealy, and Sarah C. Ball as partners.

Ball, Hutchings and Company Records, 1846-1937; 82-0005. 10 inches.
Correspondence and legal documents concerning the Retrieve Plantation and associated litigation. Estate and trust materials for the George Ball, Sarah Ball, and Annie B. Ziegler accounts.

Ballinger, William P. Papers, 1862-1884; 68-0081 thru 68-0093. 13 items.
Correspondence between Ballinger, Mott and Terry and Martin and crews concerning land litigation between John G. Conlon and Mrs. Prosins.

Ballinger, William Pitt Materials, 1846-1882; 71-0326 thru 71-0370. 45 items.
Correspondence, editorials, poetry, an address, and a license, concerning the Civil War, slavery, and Terry´s Texas Rangers.

Ballinger, William Pitt Papers, 1832-1947; 50-0001. 3 feet, 9 inches.
Diary and typescript of William Pitt Ballinger, who was sent to Richmond during the Civil War to obtain defensive armament for Galveston. He also went to New Orleans to negotiate the surrender of Texas and to prevent the Union Army occupation. Also includes sayings and quotes, poems and writings, correspondence and clippings.

Baptist Church Texas Records, 1848-1908; 71-0001 thru 71-0019; 71-0388 thru 71-0389. 13 items.
Minutes of selected Union Baptist Association annual meetings and proceedings of selected Baptist State Conventions.

Barnes Family Papers, 1870-1949, nd; 90-0012. 3 inches.
Principally papers of Samuel Wythe Barnes and his wife, Isabel Moses Barnes. Samuel served as deputy clerk of Galveston County around 1886-1887. In March 1905, he was appointed British vice-consul at Galveston. He also served as secretary of Trinity Episcopal Church in Galveston, 1894-1897, and helped found Holy Trinity Church at Dickinson.

Barnes, Sarah M. Papers, 1867-1871; 93-0011. 1 box.
A member of the American Missionary Society, Barnes established a Barnes Institute in Galveston in 1868 for Black children. Papers include her diary, Register and daily Record Book of the Association.

Barnstone, Howard Collection, 1962-1973; 99-0028. 1 box.
Correspondence, speeches, notes and worksheets research possibly for The Galveston That Was.

Barstow, Ebenezer T. Papers, 1850-70; 82-0003. Approx. 65 items.
Family personal and business letters.

Bayou Club Records, 1937-79; 85-0012. 18 inches.
Records include the clubs correspondence (mostly routine), membership records, minutes, contracts, and agreements.

Beach Hotel and Seaside Improvement Company Records, 1889-1897; 30-0956 thru 30-0991. 1 inch.
Various papers and documents including minutes of meetings, lists of stockholders, correspondence, bonds and coupons, and legal briefs.

Beers Family Papers, 1777-1925; 36-0045 thru 36-1201. ca. 1200 items.
Correspondence (business and personal) and ledgers of Johathan Sturges Beers and his son, William Francis, insurance executives of Galveston, Texas.

Beissner, Charles L. Papers, 1847-1918; 77-0004. 75 inches.
Papers include several business ventures and correspondence. Show land use patterns throughout the state in a period of development, and reflect the position of advantage held by the Galveston business community over this development.

Bennett, Harry Papers, 1917-1942; 42-0232 thru 42-0287. 55 items.
A merchant seaman of Galveston, killed in World War II. Papers include letters from other seamen, receipts, photographs and insurance cards of Bennett.

Beta Study Club Records, 1929-1979; 80-0005. 5 inches.
Women´s organization dedicated to adult education, personal improvement, and social exchange. Records include minutes of meetings and yearbooks.

Blagden, John D. Letter, 1900; 46-0006. 7 pages.
Letter from Galveston, September 10, 1900 to a family at Duluth, Minnesota, concerning conditions in the city during hurricane.

Blandin/Hudson Family Papers, 1833-1871, nd.; 88-0003. 10 inches + oversize.
Mostly general correspondence of William Moore Hudson.

Blood Donor Programs, Inc., Records, 1976-1983; 85-0022. 20 boxes.
Records consist of general correspondence, funding requests, publicity files, subject files and photographs of the various television specials.

Bob Inn Association Logbooks, 1928-1989; 90-0024. 7 items oversize.
Logbooks kept by the Robinson family, which established Bob Inn as their weekend summer home in 1928.

Bond Family Papers, 1831-1965; 79-0016. 15 inches.
Correspondence, receipts, wills, tax returns, deeds, stock certificates, contracts, and photographs of the Bond, Hassmann, Fassbender, Ollre, Allien, and Lockhart families.

Borden, Gail Papers, 1818-1897; 25-0001 thru 25-0521. 10 inches.
Surveyor for Stephen F. Austin´s colony; represented the district of Lavaca in the Convention of 1833 and prepared the first topographical map of Texas. Personal correspondence, tax receipts, business records, patents on inventions, travel diaries, court papers, deeds, estate papers, land transaction records, and records of the Borden family.

Bradbury, D. Papers, 1861; 33-0021 thru 33-0023. 3 items.
Letter of Nahor Biggs Yard dated June 30, 1861 and a series of notes between the men concerning the resignation of General Sherman and the defense of Galveston.

Bragg, Braxton Papers, 1849-1878; 32-0008. 164 items.
U.S. and Confederate Army Officer and engineer. Personal and family correspondence to and from Braxton Bragg and Mrs. Bragg, legal papers, railroad reports and engineering notes.

Branard, George A. Diary, 1864-1865; 40-0016. 80 pages.
Diary and notebook kept by George A. Branard of Galveston April, 1864-1865 while in the Confederate Army.

Brindley, Anne Ammons and Walter E. Grover Papers, 1884-1986; 89-0017.
Papers contain correspondence, speeches, writings, clippings, newsletters and project files.

Brindley, Anne Ammons Papers, 1932-1983; 94-0002. 1 box.
Correspondence, speeches and historical data.

Brock, Anthony and Wilhelmina K. Papers, 1866-1928; 88-0029. 5 inches.
Property papers for home on Galveston Island.

Bruer, Thomas D. Land Patent, 1830; 80-0010. 1 item.

Bunting, Robert F. Papers, 1874-1880; 47-0003 thru 47-0028 misc. 25 items.
Papers giving patent specifications on Marcusy's Floating Docks. Includes correspondence, diagrams, contracts and deeds.

Burnet, David Gouverneur Papers, 1788-1870; 26-0004 thru 26-0353. 5 inches.
President ad interim of the Republic of Texas and politician. Personal and family correspondence, land tax receipts, private notebooks and military, business and political records.

Burton, Margaret Sealy Autograph Collection, 1813-1927;28-0295. 52 items.
Letters and other autographs organized in alphabetical order.

Burton-Pinckard-Sealy Family Papers, 1808-1989; 92-0006. 17.5 inches.
Correspondence, business and biographical papers.

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