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Only collections with inventories are listed in alphabetical order. This represents about half of the material in the archives. Please contact the History Center regarding other materials available.

Cahill Cemetery Records, 1920-1977; 77-0033. 4 boxes.
Contains correspondence, receipts, contracts, charter, etc.

Camp Hughes Records, 1903-1988; 89-0003. 15 inches.
Correspondence, minutes project files, membership records, photographs, etc.

Campbell-Fuller Papers, 1857-1964; 79-0029. 25 inches + 1 volume.
Correspondence, postcards, albums, ration books, clippings, scrapbooks, etc.

Carter, John E. Papers, 1978-1981; 81-0016. 2 ½ inches.
Papers of Carter's tenure as a city councilman and member of the Parks and Recreation Board.

Causeway and Interurban Railway Scrapbooks, 1900-1912; 83-0019. 2 vol.
Newspaper clippings compiled by the Rosenberg Library staff.

Centre on the Strand Records, 1966-1972; 75-0008. 4 inches.
Records and papers relating to the planning and creation of the Center.

Champ D'Asile Article, 1818; 47-0002. 7 pages.
Transcript of account of the French colony in the Province of Texas published in L'Abeille Americaine.

Chapin, Jane Papers, ca. 1975-1997; 97-0019. 37.5 inches.
Research files on various Galveston related historical topics including residential and commercial buildings and local prominent families. An employee, volunteer and historical researcher for the Galveston Historical Foundation.

Chataignon, Marius S. Papers, 1904-1957; 72-1993. 2 ½ inches.
Pastor of Sacred Heart Church. Includes personal letters, clippings and photographs.

Chauldron, Jean Simon Letters, 1817-1818; 47-0001. 5 items.
Transcript of unsigned letters from Texas to Chauldron of Philadelphia, publisher of the first French newspaper in the United States.

Cheesborough, Edmund R. Papers, 1902-1958; 22-0024. Letterpress books.
Secretary to the Grade Raising Board of Galveston. Majority of papers concern grade raising activities.

City of Galveston Warrant Account Book, 1881-1891; 76-0032. 1 volume.
See Warrant Account Book, City of Galveston.

Civil War Scrapbooks, 1861-1865; 76-0041. 2 volumes.
Chronology of newspaper clippings from Galveston and Houston concerning Civil War battles and events.

Claitor, James Daniel Papers, 1925-36; 83-0020. 2 inches.
Correspondence related to business activities in Galveston.

Clarke & Courts Records, 1912, 1924-28; 98-0002. 2 ½ inches + oversize.
Business logs and samples of printing jobs.

Clarke & Courts Inc. Records,1887-1993; 2010-0014. 20 boxes + oversize.
Minutes, financial statements, correspondence and notes of the printing, stationery, office supply firm that was founded in Galveston in 1857 and operated until 1993.

Clayton, Nicholas Joseph Papers, 1874-1915; 74-0004. 5 inches.
Texas first professional architect. Correspondence, letterpress book, daybooks, cash book, drawings, blue prints and renderings relating to Clayton's career.

Cline, Isaac M. Papers, 1904-1937; 99-0013. 1 box.
Correspondence, speeches, and writings of the 1900 storm observer.

Coahuila and Texas, State of Laws and Decrees, 1829-1834; 23-5210. 2 ½ inches.
Printed laws and decrees issued by the regional government of Mexico prior to the Texas Revolution.

Coggeshall, Janice R. Papers, 1971-1984; 85-0005.
City Councilwoman and mayor of Galveston.

Coggeshall, Janice R. Papers, 1981-1991; 98-0003. 5 ½ feet.
Mayor of Galveston, 1984-1989.

Cohen, Henry Papers, 1890-1952; 79-0033. 5 inches.
Humanitarian who lectured and organized on behalf of relief for the poor, prison reform, and Jewish Immigrants.

Colombo, Le Roy Papers, 1905-74; 81-0001. 2 volumes.
Scrapbooks containing clippings and correspondence pertaining to deaf lifeguard.

Committee for Pier 19 Records, 1973-1978; 79-0037. 15 inches.
Correspondence, notes, minutes, clippings, drawings and photographs regarding the relocation of the "mosquito fleet" (shrimp and party boats) to Pelican Island.

Compton Manuscript, 1894; 29-0244. 7 ½ inches.
35 chapters of a novel written while Miss Compton was a resident of the Letitia Rosenberg Women´s Home.

C.S.A. Army Inspector General Records, 1863-65; 83-0039. 1 volume.
Inspection reports for various Texas regiments, most stationed in Galveston.

Confederate States of America in Galveston Collection, 1861-1865; 83-0062. 10 items.
Orders and other documents of various civilian and military officials.

Convict Labor Contracts, 1891-1893; 28-0037 thru 28-0041. 5 papers.
See Ball, Hutchings, and Company Records.

Cooley, Joseph F. Papers, 1949-76; 81-0020. ca, 260 items.
Architectural drawings for projects in Galveston.

Cooper, Bayliss P. Papers, 1843-1910; 79-0019. 10 inches.
Cooper was a blockade runner during the Civil War and later operated several transportation companies. Papers include correspondence, bank notes, receipts, wills, estate papers, etc.

Copley-Goggan-Patterson Family Papers, 1854-1948, 94-0009. 1 box + oversize.
Correspondence, cookbook, scrapbooks, estate papers, etc.

Cornell, Charlotte and Sara Ellen Scrapbooks, 1916-1948; 97-0017. 4 volumes, oversize.
Galveston home economics and domestic science teachers' scrapbooks.

Corrigan, Douglas Collection, 1987; 87-0034.
Clippings and photographs pertaining to "Wrong Way" Corrigan.

Cox, Catherine Isabella Life Sketch, 1901; 65-0003.
See Kendall, Bell Mrs. W. E. Sherman.

Cramer, Eliza Anderson Papers, 1860-1866; 70-1150 thru 70-1178. 29 items.
Business correspondence related to real estate and other investments.

Crane, Alex Papers, 1940; 86-0010. 457 pages.
Manuscript entitled "Grand Old Galveston" contains descriptions of historic homes and biographical sketches of the owners.

Creson Family Papers, 1904-1963; 96-0027. 5 inches.
Correspondence of Sarah Hawley Creson and Mary Hawley Willis

Crocket, George F. Papers, 1843-1900; 79-0027.20 inches + 8 volumes.
San Augustine, Texas historian's mercantile business papers.

Currency Collection, 1841-74; 83-0065. 2 inches.
Currency and notes printed in Texas.

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