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Only collections with inventories are listed in alphabetical order. This represents about half of the material in the archives. Please contact the History Center regarding other materials available.

Galveston Academic Excellence Booster Club, 1978-2013; 2013-0003. 2 boxes.
The collection contains organizational records, minutes and associated materials from the organization's inception in 1976.  Also included are annual programs awarding the "Top 50" program.

Galveston Agricultural, Horticultural & Industrial Association, 1871-1874; 28-0235 thru 28-0285. 50 items.
Papers, account book, payroll report and treasurer report.

Galveston and Brazos Navigation Co. Papers, 1853-1874; 33-0014 thru 33-0020. 7 items.
Papers from the files of N. B. Yard, who was at one time secretary and treasurer of the company. Includes deposit book, business correspondence and account records..

Galveston and Western Railway Co. Affidavit, 1918; 30-0950. 1 item.
Walter Gresham affidavit opposing the city of Galveston to GWRC.

Galveston and Western Railway Co. Records, 1907-1911; 79-0032. 1 box, 10 items.
Annual reports and misc. lawsuit material (vs. City of Galveston).

Galveston Art League Records , 1912-1987; 52-0123. 8 boxes.
Correspondence, minutes and treasurer's reports, pamphlets and clippings pertaining to the Art League.

Galveston Art League Records, 1914-1946; 89-0021. 7½ inches.
Correspondence, clippings, programs, minutes, treasury & annual reports, and membership lists included in papers.

Galveston Art League Records, 1979-1987; 93-0015.
General correspondence, minutes, financial records, miscellany

Galveston Artillery Company Minute Book, 1871-1940; 77-0022, 1 folder + oversize book.
Minutes, clippings, invitations, and dance programs of this social club.

Galveston Attractions Association Records, 1981-1989; 89-0004. 3 boxes [stored in attic].
Minutes & agendas, financial records, project files, photographs, miscellany.

Galveston Chamber of Commerce Records, 1930-1978; 91-0007. 14 boxes.
Records reflect minutes and projects undertaken and proceedings of September 1955 meeting on politics, gambling and prostitution.

Galveston City Company Records, 1834-1962; 46-0002. 15 inches.
Artificial collection consisting of stock certificates, balance sheets, petitions, requests for land, suits brought against the City Company by Texas and the Federal government.

Galveston City Mortuary & Interment Records, 1875-1926; [no accession number]. 5 items (on loan from Galveston County Health District).
Register of Births: 1910-1926; Mortuary Records: 1875-1926. See Mortuary Records, 98-0006 and Interment Records, 83-0021, (microfilm).

Galveston, City of Papers, 1887-1953; 79-0008. 5 inches.
Misc. records from various departments of Galveston, a major portion concerns a new water supply for the city in the early 1890s.

Galveston City Party Records, 1919-1933; 79-0022. 10 inches.
Papers include election notices, platform statements, press releases, correspondence, and clippings.

Galveston City Sexton Reports, 1847-1851; 52-0030 thru 52-0121. 88 items.
John Griffin's [incomplete] reports of burials to the mayor.

Galveston Commission Government Scrapbooks, 1901-1913; 76-0042. 5 volumes.
Scrapbooks containing correspondence and clippings about proceedings and operations of the Galveston City Commission government.

Galveston Cotton Exchange Records, 1882-1951; 82-0001. 8 books, 3 boxes.
Minutes for directors meetings, business conducted information.

Galveston County. Assessor Records, 1838-1910; 83-0013. 24 microfilm rolls.
Tax rolls dated 1838-1910.

Galveston County. Board of Engineers Papers, 1902-1926; 34-0021 thru 34-0030. 10 items.
Reports and correspondence relating to the seawall project to the commissioners court.

Galveston County. Board of Pilot Commissioners Records, 1985-1995; 2001-0005. 4 boxes.
Minutes, agendas, correspondence, hearings, financial records, miscellaneous records of the Board of Pilot Commissioners records.

Galveston County. County Judge Records, 1939-1949; 95-0003. 2 boxes.
County Judge (Robinson) records.

Galveston County Cultural Arts Council Records, 1969-1977; 83-0037. 35 inches.
Bicentennial Committee correspondence and records, cultural arts programs.

Galveston County Daily News Great Storm Commemoration Records, 2000; 2001-0012. 5 inches + oversize [cards].
Daily News centennial commemoration of the 1900 Storm.

Galveston County Historical Survey Committee Scrapbooks, 1967-1977; 92-0015. 12 items.
These records include information about various landmarks in Galveston County that were designated historical.

Galveston County Scholastic Census, 1900-1912; 78-0018. 20 ft, 5 in.
Survey of school-aged children rendered for enrollment in Galveston County schools.

Galveston County Tax Assessor Abstracts, 1872-1939; [no accession number]. 33 volumes.
Abstracts referencing city and island lots, includes the Denver Resurvey.

Galveston Daily News Commemorative Envelopes, ca. 1842, 1858, 1884; 95-0019. 3 envelopes.
Three commemorative envelopes issued in honor of the Galveston Daily News.

Galveston Equal Suffrage Association Records, 1912-1920; 75-0019. 2½ inches.
Records of association working to achieve voting rights for women.

Galveston Fire Department Records, 1885-1980; 88-0028. 17 items.
Records of fires in Galveston, includes information on fires.

Galveston Fusileers Battalion Paper, 1842-1843; 70-0425 thru 70-0474. 50 items.
Correspondence, constitution, minutes, reports etc. of this volunteer militia company.

Galveston Garden Club, 1931-1967; 79-0007. 7½ inches.
Correspondence, scrapbooks, financial reports and other material for the garden club.

Galveston Gas Company Minute Book, 1856-1910; 77-0019. 464 pages.
Minutes of meetings, record of stockholders (1859-1880), misc. correspondence.

Galveston Harbor Improvement Survey Journal, 1890-1981; 30-0200. 1 volume.
Annual survey of Galveston Harbor, August, 1890, April-June, 1891; Bolivar Point, February, 1891.

Galveston Harbor Scrapbook, 1951-1955; 55-0004. 1 volume.
Book: History of Galveston Harbor, compiled by Walter E. Grover with notes.

Galveston Harmonic Society Minute Book, 1866-1869; 30-0198. 1 item.
Book containing by-laws, member list, reports and minutes of meetings.

Galveston Health Office Records, ca. 1880-1910; 86-0005. 16 ft.
Galveston death certificates, some with burial certificates attached. [also in microfilm].

Galveston Historical Foundation Records, 1968-1982; 90-0025. 3 ft.
Principally concerns acquisition and rehabilitation of Hendley Building as headquarters for GHF.

Galveston Historical Foundation. Administrative Records, 1963-1978; 87-0019. 3¾ feet.
Collection of GHF administrative records.

Galveston Historical Foundation. Ashton Villa Committee Records, 1965-1975; 74-0011. 5 inches.
Committee records including correspondence, minutes, reports, photographs, and blueprints reflecting work done on or for Ashton Villa.

Galveston Historical Foundation. Ashton Villa Committee Records (GHF), 1974-1986; 86-0007. 6 boxes.
GHF records, including Ashton Villa meetings, goals and objectives, general correspondence and other miscellany.

Galveston Historical Foundation. Elissa Project Records (GHF), n.d.; 87-0028.
Files relating to the ship Elissa, includes architectural drawings, project files, and other miscellany.

Galveston Historical Foundation. Events Director Records, 1974-1979; 83-0056. 6 feet.
Dickens Evening and Historic Homes Tour preparation and set up files.

Galveston Historical Society Records, 1875-1955; 78-0003. 5 inches.
Materials of the Society and its forerunner, the Texas Historical Society of Galveston.

Galveston Hook and Ladder Company Papers, 1867-1879; 32-0041. 12 items.
Documents relating to the operation of the hook and ladder company #4 including correspondence, minutes of meetings, a cash book and clippings.

Galveston Hussar Cavalry Co. Papers, 1841-1843; 31-1178. 14 pages.
Papers relate to the organization of the company on the occasion of the second Mexican-Texas War, and includes orders, rosters, and receipts.

Galveston Independent School District Records, 1881-1902; 95-0010. 8 volumes, oversize.
Registers of school students.

Galveston Insurance Board Records (existing buildings), 1872-1991; 83-0012. 28 boxes.
Description and estimate of value of structures surveyed.

Galveston Insurance Board Records (demolished buildings), 83-0055. 5 boxes.
Description and estimate of value for demolished structures.

Galveston Little Theatre Scrapbook, 1934-1980s; 98-0007. 1 volume oversize.
See Little Theatre of Galveston Scrapbook.

Galveston Lyceum Minute Book, 1882-1894; 30-0199. 1 volume.
Minute book including a list of members.

Galveston Musical Club Records, 1897-2003; 75-0007. 25 inches.
Artificial collection containing correspondence, programs, minute books awards, new clippings, financial reports, and performer portfolios.

Galveston Placards Collection, 1901-1944; 89-0020.[stored in Reading Room map cases]
Advertising placards related to Galveston concerts, lectures, performances, events and organizations.

Galveston Quartette Society Records, 1891-1917; 78-0011. 6 folders + oversize.
Rules and by-laws, programs of concerts, broadside and photographs.

Galveston Rifles Company Papers, 1860-1865; 28-0102 thru 28-0128. 27 documents.
Receipts, list of guards, letters and envelopes, application, notices, etc.

Galveston Sesquicentennial Celebration Committee & Texas Heroes Monument Commission Records, 1980-1991; 92-0001. 3 1/3 feet.
Research, correspondence, speeches, minutes and agendas, financial records from the committee organized to celebrate the Texas State Sesquicentennial.

Galveston Volunteer Service Bureau Records, 1948-1961; 80-0006. 10 inches.
Financial Records of the Bureau that coordinated volunteer social services in the city.

Galvez, Bernardo de Collection, ca. 1746-1786; 27-0700. 1 box.
Artificial collection of articles and photocopies of documents regarding Galveston's namesake.

Garten Verein Records, 1907-1923; 30-0895. 350 items + 2 volumes.
Charter and by-laws, programs, correspondence, list of officers and committees, membership lists, financial ledgers, receipts and bills.

Gengler, Peter and Company Inc. Papers, 1911-1926; 76-0031. 24 inches oversize.
Correspondence and a scrapbook concerning the Diamond Jubilee of this Galveston grocery firm in 1926.

Girl Scouts. South Texas Council Scrapbooks, 1950-1983; 92-0014. 3 items oversize.
Three scrapbooks containing clippings, printed matter, and other materials detailing the history and activities of the Galveston Girl Scouts.

Goals for Galveston Records, 1969-1975; 77-0036. 3 feet, 5 inches.
Records include correspondence, reports, questionnaires, information sheets, and budgets for this organization, that afforded citizen input into community planning and problems.

Gonzales Family Papers, 1850-1988; 89-0016, 10 inches
Biographical features focusing mainly on the Boyer Gonzales family.

Government Documents Collection, 1836-1924; 83-0063. 15 inches.
Miscellaneous U.S., C.S.A. and Texas State government documents.

Grand Opera House Programs, 1895-1924; 76-0017. 5 ft., 5 inches.
Loose and bound programs, many, which contain reflections of the cultural life of the city in that period.

Gray, Millie Diary, 1832-1840; 50-0437. 1 volume.
Diary recording the family life of Millie Gray, nee Mildred Richards Stone, wife of Colonel William Fairfax Gray.

Gresham, Walter Papers, 1834-1905; 22-0247. ca. 190 items + 41 volumes.
Lawyer, state legislature and railroad executive. Correspondence, contracts and legal papers, deeds, receipts and letterpress book included in collection.

Grover, Walter E. Article, 1963; 68-0158. 13 pages.
Typescript of Grover's "Recollections of Life" in Galveston during the 1880s and 1890s.

Gulf City Street Railway and Real Estate Company. Deed of Trust and Release, 1884-1885; 73-0004 thru 73-0007. 4 items.
Deed and release to J.H. Burnett for $5,000.

Gulf Intracoastal Canal Papers, 1929-1975; 71-0386. 5 inches.
Papers include correspondence, newsletters, pamphlets, booklets, articles, and maps.

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