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Only collections with inventories are listed in alphabetical order. This represents about half of the material in the archives. Please contact the History Center regarding other materials available.

Haden Family Collection, 1878-1984; 87-0010. Oversize + Microfilm.
Certificates, diplomas, and documents regarding Dr. John Miller Haden and Dr. Henry Cooper Haden. Also includes articles and photographs.

Hanna and Fahey Real Estate Records, 1856-1913; 77-0007. 36 ledgers.
Cash, day, letterpress books and ledgers for Hanna & Fahey�s business.

Harris, Annie Pleasants Memoirs, 1823-1839; 65-0009. 6 pages.
Transcript copy of memoirs of the early life of Annie P. Harris and the experiences of relocating in Texas.

Harris, Brantly Papers, 1941-1942; 76-0023. 2 ½ inches.
Lawyer and mayor of Galveston, correspondence regarding matters of city business. Also includes concerns for wartime needs of the city, military fortifications, recreational facilities for military and civilian personnel, etc.

Harris, Ed J. Papers, 1963-1976; 78-0023. 14 ft., 2 in.
Member of the Texas Legislature. Papers include scrapbooks, Constitutional Convention papers as well as legislative papers.

Harris Family Papers, 1848-1917; 74-0019. 19 feet.
Business and personal correspondence of John W. Harris and John W. Harris, Jr. regarding land matters.

Harris, Pryor Nance Notebook, 1880-1881; 63-0002. 1 item.
Notebook containing information on other businesses and businessmen in Texas.

Hartman, Betty Papers, 1980-1983, 1988; 83-0036. 5 inches.
Research reports compiled by Harman on various historic Galveston commercial buildings, residences and companies. Some reports include photos.

Hartson, Rowe Papers, 1919-1935; 96-0026. 8 folders.
Correspondence, patents, notes and biographical material.

Hawley Family Papers, 1888-1976; 96-0019. 35 inches.
Correspondence, clippings, will, and financial records.

Hawley, Sarah Davis Papers, 1840-1983; 97-0020. 32.5 inches.
Letters sent home from school, early newspapers and activities in the Colonial Dames of America, Daughters of the American Revolution and Daughters of the Republic of Texas.

Hebert, W. K. and Company Records, 1919-1968; 87-0033. 1 box and 16 oversize ledgers.
Rosewood Cemetery Association records as well as interment records. Also includes biological, Afro-American labor and fraternal organizations and churches information.

Hendley, Joseph J. Letters, 1859-1864; 75-0001 and 75-0001A. 4 pages.
Letter to Captain Hendley from a New York firm concerning shipping interests and another telling of the depressed economy in Houston following the Civil War.

Hendley, William and Company Records, 1843-1878; 22-0153 thru 22-0246. 93 items + 10 oversize ledgers.
Notes payable, estate papers, letters, financial records relating to the Commission Merchants of Galveston and Hendley business.

Hirzel, Richard Papers, 1869-1883; 30-0998. 2 1/2 inches.
Personal and business statements of Swiss immigrant who became Galveston businessman.

Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS). Galveston Survey Records, 1966-1970; 72-1995. 15 inches.
Field notes, correspondence, data assembled and unpublished manuscript concerning survey of Galveston architecture by John C. Garner.

Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS). Galveston Architecture Inventory, 1937-1967; 2002-0038. 15 inches.
Assembled data regarding historic homes and buildings in Galveston. Indexed by box and folder number, original owner, and address. Includes descriptions and photographs.

Hitchcock and Company Papers, 1856; 44-0002 thru 44-0005. 4 items.
Correspondence between company and officers of the Ordinance Department concerning sale of six condemned iron guns to the company for export to China. Authorization signed by Jefferson Davis.

Hobby, Alfred Marmaduke Letter, 1873; 32-0005. 2 items.
Letter from Hobby, President of the Galveston Chamber of Commerce to Professor S. F. Peckham inquiring about a substance found in Texas which later proved to be oil.

Hodson, Rebecca Bell Letter, 1970; 70-0035. 1 page.
Letter concerning James Alexander Minot, who was Captain of the Dredge �Texas� which sank off the Irish coast on the way to Galveston in 1904. Includes photograph of Dredge "Texas."

Holt, Charles A. Jr. Letters, 1900; 24-0148 thru 24-0151. 4 items.
See Ketchum, Edwin N. Three letters and a broadside concerning relief efforts following the 1900 storm.

Houston, Alfreda Papers, 1980-1995; 96-0002. 10 inches.
Personal correspondence and printed matter regarding groups and organizations to which Mrs. Houston belonged.

Houston, Alfreda Papers, 1998-2001; 2001-0008.
Personal correspondence and printed matter regarding groups and organizations to which Mrs. Houston belonged.

Houston, Sam Bank Draft, 1825; 62-0001. 1 item.
Voucher of the Branch Bank of the United States at Washington, D.C. written during the time he was a Senator from Tennessee.

Houston, Sam Letter, 1851; 25-0522. 2 pages.
Letter to John W. Harris of Galveston concerning a political office as well as personal comments about a dog, and Harris� failure to write.

Howard Association of Galveston Records, 1854-1882; 14-0030. 34 items + 2 volumes.
Ledger of financial transactions and minutes of Association meetings, clippings, bills, reports and correspondence. A printed list of deaths during the 1858 Galveston Yellow Fever epidemic, notices, receipts, a death certificate and promissory note.

Howard, John E. Papers, 1857-1966; 2000-0053. 10 inches.
Legal, financial and property papers related to John E. Howard during his life. Includes article regarding his losses due to the 1900 Storm.

Hubbell, Henry Papers, 1846-1853; 70-0100 thru 70-0162. 163 items.
Letters, promissory notes, citations and bills.

Huffmaster, James Taylor Papers, 1814-1850; 04-0001 thru 04-0007. 7 items.
Correspondence, military commission, invitations, social card, and diary of Joseph Huffmaster, James Huffmaster's great-grandfather.

Hunt, Memucan Papers, 1831-1874; 70-0510 thru 70-1138. 628 items.
Deeds, correspondence, invoices, promissory notes, receipts, agreements, powers of attorney, notice of protest, telegrams etc. of Hunt who was Adjutant General in the Somervell Expedition, Secretary of the Navy in the Republic of Texas government, and a member of the Texas State legislature.

Hurd-Gardner Family History, 1753-1958; 75-0005. 12 pages.
Scrapbook containing photographs, biographical and genealogical information.

Hutchings, Sealy and Company Papers, 1897-1927; 52-0019 thru 52-0023. 7 items.
Announcement of disposal of interest in Ball, Hutchings and Company by Mrs. S. C. Ball and Mrs. Rebecca Sealy and continuation of the firm under the same management, but under name of Hutchings, Sealy and Company. Business and personal correspondence and contract agreements.

Hyatt, John D. Papers, 1977-1985, 83-0048. 2 boxes.
Director of Rosenberg Library files on organizations to which he belonged.

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