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Only collections with inventories are listed in alphabetical order. This represents about half of the material in the archives. Please contact the History Center regarding other materials available.

Labadie, Cecilia Diary, 1863; 94-0004. 2 items.
Diary entries and transcript which mention the Union vessel Brooklyn, the Eagle Grove battery and General John Bankhead Magruder.

Labadie, Nicholas Descomps Papers, 1829-1865; 22-0009 thru 22-0021. 13 items.
Correspondence between Labadie and his nephew Anthony Lagrave, letters between daughters Sarah and Mary Cecelia, marriage certificates and a cholera remedy.

Labadie-Tucker Family Papers, 1846-1956; 94-0011. 3 1/3 feet.
Personal and business papers of the family interests.

Labadie-Tucker Family Papers, 1837-1926; 2000-0047. 1 box.
Business and personal papers for several family members.

Laffite, Jean Collection, n.d.; 76-0007. 2 boxes.
General research, bibliography and articles regarding the colorful pirate, Jean Laffite.

Laffite Family Records, 1767-1895; 47-0029 thru 47-0031. 3 items.
Records from Laffite-Mortimor family Bible. Of questionable authenticity.

Lambdin, Griffith D. Scrapbook, 1954-1961; 94-0006. 1 item oversize.
Letters, booklets and clippings regarding desegregation, causeway, Galveston County Bar Association etc.

Land Records Collection, n.d., 83-0061. 26 items.
Miscellaneous deeds and title records from various sources.

Lawder Family Papers, 1840, 1935-1990; 98-0026. 7 ½ inches.
Papers of activities for James L., William H. and Saralyn Barclay Lawder.

League, John Charles Papers, 1863-1929; 77-0029. 52 feet.
Business and estate correspondence chronicling the development of ranching during the early 20th Century, oil and gas leasing, and the booming securities market.

League, Mary D. Papers, 1858-1893; 23-4997 thru 23-5198. 2 ½ inches.
Letters, receipts, promissory notes, bills, and memoranda concerning household expenses.

League, Thomas Jefferson Papers, 1855-1863; 23-4920 thru 23-4932. 13 items.
Personal correspondence to William Cooke and his wife while League was in the Confederate Army. One letter from Mrs. League to husband.

League, Thomas Massie Papers, 1850-1852; 23-4909 thru 23-4919. 11 items.
Correspondence of League, his wife Esther Yarral Wilson and his daughter, Esther League with his son, Thomas Jefferson League, in Poughkeepsie, New York.

League of Women Voters Records, 1907-1967; 78-0028. 1 ft, 10 ½ in.
Flyers, brochures, correspondence, policy statements, study reports, handbooks, speeches, press releases, and scrapbooks.

League of Women Voters Records, 1968-1980; 93-0006. 1 box + oversize.
Subject files concerning the Leagues' year-long celebration of its 15th anniversary in 1970 and its state convention in Galveston, 1954.

League of Women Voters. Galveston Records, 1962-1988; 89-0001. 6 feet [attic].
General, administrative, citizen information and program files. Organization voted to dissolve in 1988.

League of Women Voters Scrapbook, 1971-1975; 94-0017. 1 item oversize.
Contains clippings.

Levin, Edna Seinsheimer Papers, 1946-1994; 95-0017. 5 inches oversize.
Correspondence, personal, financial, and legal material.

Levy, Adrian F. Papers, 1912-1986; 91-0015. 10 inches + oversize.
Biographical, correspondence, speeches, subject, and clippings files for a former mayor of Galveston.

Levy Family Papers, 1873-1989; 90-0011. 8 boxes.
Personal and business papers for various Levy family members.

Levy, J and Brother Records, 1877-1889; 71-0390. 5 inches.
Day book and cash journal of business expenses for the undertakers and funeral business

Levy, Joseph and Helene Samuels Papers, 1918-1986; 92-0005. 2 boxes.
Personal, biographical, and business files.

Littlejohn, Elbridge Gerry Letters, 1899-1935; 35-0018 thru 35-0122. 2 ½ inches.
Letters relating to Texas and Galveston history.

Little Theatre of Galveston Records, 1921-1953; 78-0026. 5 boxes + 6 volumes oversize.
Financial, correspondence, agreements, by-laws, minutes etc. for the Little Theatre of Galveston. Also includes some personal information for Peter Ames Vincent.

Little Theatre of Galveston Scrapbook, 1934-1980s; 98-0007. 1 volume, oversize.
Includes programs, newspaper clippings with reviews and photographs.

Little Theatre of Galveston Scrapbook, 1923-1930; 2002-0018. 1 item.
Newspaper clippings, playbills, a few costume and set designs and correspondence to Gladys Ann Kirschner.

Local Government Documents Collection, 1975-1985; 86-0023. 20 inches.
Artificial collection primarily of Galveston city documents.

Lockhart, John W. Papers, 1830-1918; 30-0197. 20 inches.
Correspondence, receipts, business account records, muster rolls for Civil War Texas Volunteers, broadsides, diaries, poetry as well as slave information.

Log of the Royal Yacht, 1862-1863; 53-0001. 1 item.
Log of the armed schooner Royal Yacht of the Confederate Navy kept by Captain Thomas H. Chubb.

Lovenberg Junior High School Records, 1934-1978; 79-0034. 3 boxes.
Historical information, ephemera, Parent-Teacher Association information and student council minutes.

Lynn, Arthur Thomas Papers, 1846-1850; 49-0007 thru 49-0013. 7 items.
Official documents regarding his service as British consul at Galveston.

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