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Only collections with inventories are listed in alphabetical order. This represents about half of the material in the archives. Please contact the History Center regarding other materials available.

Salzmann Family Papers, 1900, 1918; 97-0005. 3 folders.
Small grouping of letters to and from Eduord and Catherine Salzmann.

Sampson, Henry Papers, 1871; 69-0266 thru 69-0273. 8 items.
Letters and deeds concerning investments.

Sampson, Henry Papers, 1842-1914; 72-0524 thru 72-1992. 20 inches.
Merchant in Galveston and Houston, Produce, Loan and Treasury Agent of the Confederate States for Texas. Papers consist of correspondence, receipts, deeds, contracts, a will, a stock certificate, clippings and other business papers.

San Luis Company Records, 1839-1843; 70-1179 thru 70-1189. 11 items.
Promissory note forms, certificates of property, and an indenture from the promotion company of the city in Brazoria County.

Sauters, John A. Estate Papers, 1844-1878; 30-0028 thru 30-0196. 5 inches.
Papers relating to the estate of Sauters, consul in Texas from Wurttemberg. Henry Rosenberg served as administrator and executor of the estate.

Savannah, N. S. [Nuclear Ship] Log Books, 1964; 75-0013. 2 volumes.
Deck logbook of the first transatlantic crossing of the Savannah, April 23 to July 28, 1964.

Savannah, N. S. [Nuclear Ship] Papers, 1962-1965; 75-0014. 2 boxes.
Photographs, newspaper clippings, printed brochures, itinerary and addresses, various crew lists, menus and activity schedules in ports of call for the Savannah.

Schackelford Family Letters, 1841-1869; 76-0038. 5 items.
Correspondence from family members in Texas to relatives in Virginia describing social and economic life in Galveston in 1841, personal and legal affairs.

Schadt Family Papers, 1861-1911; 74-0010. 10 inches.
Papers consist of correspondence from family members in the Confederate Army, notes, deeds, summons, petitions, clippings, Colonel Hood's Brigade, voting lists, an unidentified tintype and poems.

Schiebel, Judy Collection, 1861-1866; 95-0022. 2 items.
Civil War letters written by unidentified correspondents.

Schlankey, Joseph L. Papers, 1952-1985; 88-0025. 2 ½ inches.
Legal documents, subject files regarding zoning standards and appraisals for historic homes in Galveston. Also includes material from committees for which he worked.

Schlutter and Blanton, Lumber Cash Book, 1865-1869; 80-0004. 1 volume.
Financial records of Galveston business.

Schmidt Family Land Papers, 1875-1893; 98-0021. 1 box.
Abstracts of Titles that were generated during the breaking up and selling Schmidt's Garden, a popular pleasure spot on Galveston between 1873-1887.

Schott, Justus Julius Family History, ca. 1976; 76-0001. 1 volume.
Photocopy of typescript history of about 100 pages of Justus J. Schott, who was a Galveston pharmacist.

Schwartz, Aaron R. Papers, 1956-1982; 78-0024 and 83-0060. 77 feet.
Babe Schwartz was a member of the Texas House of Representatives from 1954-160, and of the Texas Senate from 1960-1980. Papers are of his legislative files.

Schwartz, Aaron Robert Papers, 1961-1983; 85-0009. 10 boxes.
Subject files, correspondence, campaign materials, committee work, photographs, clippings, personal records, writings, and other miscellany for former state legislature.

Schwartz, Aaron Robert Papers, 1986-1990; 91-0002. 8 boxes.
General correspondence, speeches clippings, lobbying files, clients information and committee information. Also contains small collection of Marilyn Cohn Schwartz material.

Schwartz, Marilyn Cohn Papers, 1978-1987; 85-0008. 6 ½ feet.
Galveston civic leader and wife of former state senator, Aaron Robert Babe Schwartz. Papers consist of committee work for the Galveston Park Board of Trustees.

Schwartz, Marilyn Cohn Papers, 1985-1989; 90-0013. 1 box.
General correspondence and committee information.

Sealy, George Letter, 1898; 44-0016. 1 item.
Letter to George Seely (sic) of Galveston regarding the question of the Southern Pacific and other roads in Texas going to Galveston.

Seargent, Thomas Letter, 1867; 44-0001. 1 item.
Letter tells of condition of crops, the yellow fever epidemic and amounts of gold and currency handled at the bank.

Seawall & Grade Raising Scrapbooks, 1900-1912; 83-0018. 3 volumes.
Newspaper clippings compiled by the Rosenberg Library staff.

Seeber, Ramonda Jo. Silk Stocking Historical District Association Papers, 1975-1985; 96-0015. 6 boxes.
Brochures, by-laws, community action files, meetings, elections, events, minutes, newsletters for the organization.

Seeligson, George Papers, 1895-1911; 34-0003 thru 34-0018. 16 items.
Financial and business records of Seeligson, Galveston wholesale merchant who was prominent in business and social life.

Seinsheimer, Emma and Edyth Autograph Books, 1897-1936; 95-0018. 2 books oversize.
Autographs of famous and local individuals garnered by the Seinsheimer sisters.

Shelton, Kenneth Architectural Drawings Collection, 1914-1918, 1940; 83-0022. 150 items.
Collected architectural drawings chiefly of projects by the Galveston office. Includes residences and some commercial and municipal buildings.

Sherman, Sidney Papers, 1837-1870; 25-0525 thru 25-0552. 28 items.
Major General of Texas militia during the Civil War, then a cotton bagging and sheet lead merchant after the war. Papers consist of correspondence, a memorial, general orders, a report, petitions, a power of attorney and a statement of protest.

Sherwood, Lorenzo Scrapbook, 1851-1855; 04-0066. 1 volume.
Clippings concerning the Sherwood's candidacy for the state legislature. Includes discussions of the state's system of internal improvements, state debt, taxation, and railroads.

Ship Plans and Drawings Collection, 1833-1983; 83-0024. 45 items.
Artificial collection of drawings of various vessels, including the ferry boat Thornton, the S. S. Brazos and the brig-sloop H. M. Racer, which went through the 1837 hurricane.

Silk Stocking Historical District Association Records, 1990-1991; 92-0011. 20 inches.
Silk Stocking Historical District is the location of a significant amount of surviving Victorian architecture. Files were created by Lennie Brown to research and prepare nomination forms for submission to the National Register of Historic Places.

Simpson, Alma Simmang Papers, 1915; 95-0009. 2 items.
Typescript articles concerning the 1915 storm.

Sjolander, John Peter Papers, 1915; 35-0005 thru 35-0016. 12 items.
Nine poems and a brief sketch of the poet's life plus letters.

Smith, J. F. and Brother Hardware Company Records, 1880-1900; 74-0008. 5 feet.
Galveston hardware and building supply firm established in 1870. Records include correspondence, invoices, price quotations, orders, receipts, and applications for employment.

Smithwick, Edward Papers, 1860-1861; 71-0376 thru 71-0383. 8 items.
Letters containing memoirs and a photograph of Smithwick, a Confederate soldier and post-war merchant.

Spanish American War Scrapbook, 1898; 76-0044. 1 volume.
Scrapbook containing mainly political cartoons concerning the war, compiled by George Sealy, Sr.

Stavenhagen Family Family Tree, 1977; 77-0047. 4 items.
Genealogy of the family including a reproduction and description of the family Coat-of-Arms.

Stavenhagen, Ernest Scrapbooks, 1941-1958; 75-0017. 4 volumes, oversize.
Programs and related materials from choral, oratorical, opera, symphony, musical comedy, ballet, and organ concerts.

Stein, Beverley Walden Poetry, 1940-1964; 71-0199 thru 71-0206. 1 item + 6 volumes.
Unpublished verse in 6 volumes with letter dated 1963.

Stevenson, John O. Papers, 1867-1873; 2010-0001. 281 items.
Letters and documents from the Freedmen's Bureau and the American Missionary Association written to Stevenson during his tenure as teacher of freedmen at Lavaca and Galveston. Includes 24 letters written by Anna Keen, Barnes Institute teacher in Galveston, 1871-1872.

Stewart, Maco, III Papers, 1949-1969; 88-0019. 6 feet [attic].
Member of the Texas state legislature, 1960-1963. Papers include political ephemera, legislative files, election files, speeches, publicity, photographs and newsletters.

Stewart, Maco and Lewis Valentine Ulrey Papers, 1919-1951; 85-0019. 15 boxes.
Primarily the correspondence, speeches, and writings of Maco Stewart, a Galveston financier and philanthropist.

Stockfleth, W. P. Mrs. Letters, 1955-1956; 73-0342. 3 items.
Letter from Mrs. Stockfleth concerning the life of Juliceur [Julius?] Stockfleth, a German born Galveston painter.

Stowe, William N. Jr. Papers, 1868-1950; 49-0014 thru 49-0021. 9 items.
Papers include a bill for goods on the steamer Mustang, theatre, and ball programs, a pass issued to Stowe following the 1900 hurricane, and a letter from Stowe telling of his experience in the cleanup after the storm.

Street, Robert Gould Papers, 1871-1922; 97-0021. 5 inches + oversize.
Street was a prisoner of war during the Civil War, later got his law degree, a member of the Texas Senate and a District Judge. Collection includes correspondence, speeches, notes, clippings and scrapbooks.

Stuart, Ben C. Papers Scrapbook, 1888-1926; 29-0028 thru 29-0243. 227 items.
Contains speeches, correspondence, and subject files on Galveston's history. Also contains brief sketches of noted Texans.

Stubbs, James B. Papers, 1885-1892; 99-0030. 1 box.
Business correspondence files in alphabetical order and one file of legal papers.

Stubbs, Theodore B. Papers, 1942-1975; 84-0002. 9 feet.
Former Mayor of Galveston files. Includes the Texas City disaster case files.

Stubbs, James B. and Charles J. Papers, 1872-1904; 75-0004. ca. 40,000 items.
Galveston attorneys played an important role in the legal, political and social life of the city during the Gilded Age. Papers include personal, political and legal files.

Stubbs, Sara Ellen Papers, 1903-1972; 98-0015. 4 boxes + oversize.
Galveston journalist and director for the Little Theatre of Galveston. Papers reflect her involvement with groups such as the Galveston Parks & Recreation Board, League of Women Voters, United Fund and the Beta Study Club.

Sulzer, William Scrapbook, 1913; 76-0037. 1 volume
Scrapbook containing letters and printed matter concerning Sulzer, Governor of New York, who was impeached in 1913.

Sylvester, James Austin Papers, 1836-1883; 26-0372 thru 26-0375, 27-0033 thru 27-0040. 1 inch.
Sylvester was a veteran of the Battle of San Jacinto. Papers include correspondence to and from family members concerning the capture of Santa Anna, and other Texas Revolution activities.

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