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Only collections with inventories are listed in alphabetical order. This represents about half of the material in the archives. Please contact the History Center regarding other materials available.

Talleyrand, Prince Letter, 1829; 80-0009. 1 item.
Letter is personal and concerns ice houses as well as a horse, which could not be sold.

Temple, Latane Papers, 1948-1980; 88-0020. 15 inches [attic].
Political memorabilia for the Democratic Party mostly for the presidential candidates, 1952-1980.

Texas County Names Scrapbook, 1914; 95-0020. 1 item oversize.
Contains clippings entitled, The History and Geography of Texas as Told in County Names from the Galveston Daily News.

Texas Currency Collection, 1836-1866; 93-0001. 20 items.
Notes issued during Republic and Confederacy periods.

Texas Currency Collection, [1835]-1862; 93-0024. 52 items.

Texas Guaranty and Trust Company Papers, 1870-1917; 79-0013. 5 inches.
Business records and client papers including by-laws, list of stockholders, balances, bills receivable, estate papers, etc.

Texas Homeport Proposal Project Director Records, 1966-[1984-1985]; 86-0013. 17.5 inches.
Project Director, John Focke's papers regarding the Houston-Galveston proposal for the Gulf Coast homeport site.

Texas Jewish Historical Society. Scroll Project Records, 1984-1992; 97-0015. 5 inches.
The Scroll Project focused on the Jewish immigrants who came through Galveston from 1907 to 1914 as part of the Galveston Plan. Includes correspondence and genealogical information.

Texas Navy, Inc. Records, 1955-1987; 97-0013. 13 ft. 3 in.
Organizational records of the Third Texas Navy, a social club, headquartered in Galveston beginning in 1971-1986 including correspondence, membership files of all Admirals, project files, ship commissioning and welcoming ceremonies.

Texas (Republic) Navy Collection, 1835-1857, 72-0001. 265 items.
A collection of letters and documents related to the history of the Texas Navy.

Texas. Reserve Militia Records, 1871; 83-0040. 1 volume.
Must roll of Galveston citizens. Lists age, precinct, occupation and race.

Texas Star Flour Mill Records, 1877-1930; 83-0045. 13 feet.
Trademark registrations, insurance, tax and land records; contracts, ledgers, etc.

Texas Steam Dredge Log Book, 1904; 32-0066. 1 volume.
Log book of the steam dredge, Texas, of New York, bound from Danzig, Germany to Galveston. Dredge was to be used in the grade raising project but was lost at sea.

Thames, R. I. Slave Deed, 1850; 44-0006. 1 item.

Thompson, Isham Papers, 1837-1878; 30-0850 thru 30-0890. 40 items.
Early settler of Preston, Texas, papers include slave deeds, tax forms and receipts, stock certificates, land titles, estate papers and deeds.

Thompson, James Edwin Papers, 1858-1965; 69-0247 thru 69-0263. 17 items.
Stock certificates, invitations, speech and court records of Thompson, a Galveston physician and professor of medicine at University of Texas Medical Branch.

Thompson, Libbie Moody Papers, 1912-1978; 76-0027. 6 ft., 3 in.
Wife of U. S. Congressman Clark W. Thompson, she was a noted Washington hostess and social figure. Papers include correspondence, clippings, invitations, greeting cards, programs, pamphlets, guest lists, photographs, awards, certificates, scrapbooks and appointment books.

Thompson, Thomas C. Papers, 1836-1906; 79-0014. 5 inches.
Business and personal papers of Dr. Thompson, President of Board of Managers, John Sealy Hospital.

Thornton, E. H. Jr. Ferry Records, 1916-1969; 69-0276. 5 inches.
Concerning construction of the ferry E. H. Thornton for the Texas Highway Department during 1957-1959 and a history of the International Shipbuilding Company.

Tod, John Grant Papers, 1830-1876; 74-0018. 50 inches.
Naval officer of the Texas Navy during the Texas Republic and U.S. Navy during the Mexican War. Papers include correspondence concerning military and business activities after 1870.

Toebelman Family Papers, 1851-1922; 79-0011. 5 inches.
Papers are letters from friends and family members, business correspondence, and miscellaneous business papers.

Tremont Opera House Programs, 1875-1894; 76-0018. 2 ½ inches.
Printed programs of regular and special performances given at the Tremont.

Trinity Episcopal Church Records, 1843-1961; 86-0006. 65 inches.
Records include parish and marriage registers vestry minutes, photographs, and records of various church subgroups.

Trueheart-Adriance Collection, 1890-1935; 98-0033. 2 ½ inches.
Collection of correspondence, much damaged, dealing with an insurance claim after a fire in 1890, leasing of property along Seawall Boulevard, and a divorce trial.

Trueheart, Charles W. Papers, 1868-1871; 89-0010. 2 ½ inches.
Trueheart's letters to family members.

Trueheart, H. M. and Company Ledgers, 1859-1908; 78-0013. 89 items.
Interests in the Galveston community as well as business and commerce holdings.

Trueheart, H. M. and Company Letterpress Volumes, 1866-1909; 78-0012. 26 volumes.
Letter press books containing copies of outgoing letter, statements and tax notices.

Trueheart, H. M. and Company Papers, 1865-1904; 78-0014. 130 ft., 10 in.
Letters, notes, deeds, receipts, powers of attorney, wills, telegrams and invoices.

Trueheart Family Papers, 1822-1904; 22-0023. 10 inches.
Papers include material from Charles W. Trueheart, Henry Martyn Trueheart, and H. M. Trueheart & Company correspondence.

Tucker, Philip Crosby Papers, 1839-1946; 77-0003. 45 inches + oversize.
Personal and business records of Tucker, concerning the beginnings of Texas Freemasonry, the slave trade, Civil War, and the United Daughters of the Confederacy. Also includes photographs.

Tucker, Philip C. Collection, 1854-1955; 96-0008. 2 inches.
Tucker family material consisting of business papers, legal documents, and social engagements.

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