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Only collections with inventories are listed in alphabetical order. This represents about half of the material in the archives. Please contact the History Center regarding other materials available.

Walbridge, Elbridge Papers, 1836-1865; 71-0385. 5 inches.
Educator in Galveston, papers include correspondence, diplomas, receipts, deeds, business records and court documents.

Walker, Mamie Ketchum Letter, 1965; 65-0008. 1 page.
About the Menard-Ketchum residence at 1605 Thirty-third Street in Galveston.

Wallis Family Papers, 1818-1904; 42-0004 thru 42-0231. 227 items.
Personal and business letters, records, and diary of Wallis and business associates.

Warrant Account Book, City of Galveston. 1881-1891; 76-0032. 1 volume.
Financial record reflecting maintenance of city schools, salaries and supplies.

Washington Family Papers, 1873-1939; 94-0010. 1 box.
Letters, genealogy, military papers, clippings and pension papers for Courtenay C. and Jessie Cleveland Washington.

Watson, Nellie Letter, 1915; 48-0103. 9 leaves.
Letter addressed to “Billy” describing her reaction and other nurses to the Storm of 1915.

Wechsler Family Papers, 1890s-1971; 97-0014. 5 inches.
Papers of Austrian immigrants from before World War II. Papers reflect their business and club activities.

Wednesday Club Records, 1891-1997; 77-0028. 4 boxes.
Club records include meeting programs, yearbooks, clippings, minutes and reports.

Weems, John Edward Papers, 1948-1957; 90-0031. 1 box.
Research papers for A Weekend in September authored by Weems.

Weis, Robert and Mamie B. Middle School Scrapbooks, 1966-1992; 98-0010. 7 items oversize.
Scrapbooks contain snapshots, newspaper clippings, programs, regarding the opening and early history of the Weis Junior High School.

Wiess, William and Napoleon Letters, 1863-1864; 31-1180 thru 31-1183. 4 items.
Letters from William and Napoleon to their mother.

Wells, Clinton G. Papers, 1863-1877; 24-0007 thru 24-0035. 29 items.
Papers are correspondence, lists of cotton purchases, receipts, agreements, and minutes relating to business and Civil War activities.

Werlin, Rosella Horowitz Papers, 1906-1976; 77-0005. 4 boxes.
Werlin was publicity director of the Galveston Chamber of Commerce, 1937-1945. Collection reflects her subject files and ephemera associated with her job.

West, Hamilton A. Papers, 1882-1904; 30-0896.126 items.
Papers of a prominent Galvestonian include legal and guardianship papers, tax receipts and a will.

Wetmore, Sherman B. Papers, 1950-[1976]; 93-0022. 17.5 inches.
Rear Admiral’s records of the Galveston Chamber of Commerce’s Merchant Marine Academy Committee.

Wharton, John Austin Papers, 1862-1866; 25-0553 thru 25-0567. 15 inches.
One time Commander of Terry’s Texas Rangers, papers include correspondence, general orders, biographical sketches and letters of introduction.

White, Zebulon Lewis Papers, 1805, 1860-1889; 24-0088. ca. 365 items + 21 volumes.
Correspondent for the Galveston Daily News, holdings include correspondence, clippings, calling cards, scrapbooks, printed miscellanea and an 1805 stock certificate.

Williams, Bryan F. Jr. Papers, 1973-1981; 98-0004. 27 ½ inches.
Papers consist of Rosenberg Library Board minutes and financial report. Also includes other committee and board records.

Williams, Henry Howell Papers, 1839-1868; 73-0055 thru 73-0341. 324 items.
Correspondence, business records, deeds, receipts contracts, amnesty papers of Williams, brother of Samuel May Williams.

Williams, Samuel May Papers, 1819-1864; 23-0002 thru 23-4503.
Naval agent for the Republic of Texas, organizer of the executive committee of the Galveston City Company, partner in McKinney and Williams, and other interests in Texas. Papers consist of letters, bills and notes.

Williams, Austin May Papers, ; 23-4504 thru 23-4708.
Williams was the son of Samuel May. His papers were incorporated at the end of the Samuel May Williams' papers.

Williams, William Howell Papers, ; 23-4709 thru 23-4898.
Williams was the son of Samuel May. His papers were incorporated after those of his brother, Austin May Williams' papers.

Wilson, Theodore O. Papers, 1849-1872; 67-0080. 67 items.
Personal correspondence and business papers of Galveston clothier.

Wimhurst Family Papers, 1880-1955; 79-0026. 20 inches.
British immigrant who became a Galveston businessman. Papers include correspondence, receipts marriage and death notices, wills, tax returns and business records.

Winterbotham, John Miller Autograph Collection, 1772-1934; 34-0033. 500 items.
Letters with signatures of persons in public life, both English and American, in alphabetical order.

Women’s Choral Club of Galveston Records, 1923-1925; 48-0080. 1 volume.
Record book containing constitution of the club, lists of members, copies of meeting minutes, and correspondence.

Women’s Civic League Records, 1927-1937; 37-0003. 2 ½ inches.
Records are correspondence, committee notes, and notes of the corresponding secretary.

Wood, Henry Augustine Papers, 1839-1860; 22-0057 thru 22-0152. 95 items.r> Papers include family correspondence, promissory notes, receipts, bonds and accounting papers of the drug firm Wood partly owned.

Wortham, Clyde Harold Papers, 1936-1980; 88-0027. 5 inches.
A Galveston artists whose work was exhibited in Washington, D.C., Madrid, and the Rosenberg Library. Papers include news clippings, biographical information, correspondence, exhibition catalogs and legal documents. Also includes small papers of William E. Huntington.

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