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Photographs in Books

Artwork of Galveston published in 1894

Galveston, Souvenir Edition published in 1906 by the Galveston Tribune. F 394 .G2GF G358

Galveston, Texas Indelible Photographs published in 1892 F 394 .G2GB 1892

Galveston - The Day Before and the Day After the Storm by Dexter, W. W. and the Galveston Tribune F 394 .G25 D48

Galveston, The Sea Wall City published in 1906 F 394 .G2GF F4

Galveston the Texas Port and Playground published ca. 1919 F 394 .G2GF G35

Great Galveston Storm by Doyle, D. B. F 394 .G25 D69

Industries of Galveston published in 1887 F 397 .G2GB M6

Picturesque Galveston Pre-Storm Photos published after the 1900 Storm F 394 .G2GB D4

The Port of Galveston and the State of Texas published in 1890 F 394 .G2GB M64

A Souvenir of Galveston published in March, 1893 F 394 .G2GB G358

Souvenir of Galveston: 90 Views published in 1897 F 394 .G2GB S606

Souvenir of Greater Galveston, "The Oleander City" published in 1904 F 394 .G2GF F55

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