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Photograph Holdings

The Galveston and Texas History Center's photograph holdings number close to 80,000 images with new photos being donated every month. The holdings are divided into several categories:

Galveston Photograph Subject Files

Street Files (Galveston street scenes, residential areas)

Name Files (mostly Galveston & early Texas individuals)

Other Cities & Places Files (mostly Texas, but also other U.S. states, and foreign places)

Miscellaneous Photographic Subject Files (non-Galveston)

Photo Albums and Special Collections

Photos in Books

Photo of Splash Day  beauties, 1954.

Finding the heading (s) of interest may require some patient searching since the sections overlap, and there is no general index to the headings within each section. Each heading, or synonym, may appear in more than one section. For example, when searching for an image of a house or a building, look in all of these components: Street Files, HABS photos, Special Collections, and Photos in Books. The Galveston Photographs Subject Files and the index to the Photo Albums and Special Collections profile the basic subject access to these holdings.

The photo collection is not organized by a year or a specific time period. Most of the photos date from 1900 thru 1950s. As of 1998, the collection numbers over 40,000 images, with new photos being donated every month. Please ask one of the staff members, if you have any questions regarding the photo collection.

Nearly all images are available to be reproduced into photographic prints and slides to be used for research, display, and publication. Please refer to the Photographic Reproduction Policy for information please contact us.

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