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Photographic Collections

Galveston Subject Files (G-files)


Historic Sites, Monuments, etc. (2 folders) G-1488
Texas Heroes Monument (9 folders) G-14881
Rosenberg Fountains (2 folders) G-14882
Cemeteries (2 folders) G-14883
West Galveston Island (1 folder) G-172
Trees (1 folder) G-1723
Plants and Flowers (2 folders) G-175
Oleanders (3 folders) G-1751
Birds and Animals G-176

Original photos of the 1867 Storm and the 1900 Storm can no longer be handled or photocopied due to their fragile condition. Photocopies will be provided for patron use, and only those copies can be reproduced. Photographic copies of these and most other images in our collection may be ordered.

Storm of 1867 (1 folder) G-177
Storm of 1900 (see our online exhibit of 1900 storm photos)
Storm of 1909 (1 folder) G-17712
Storm of 1915 (1 folder) G-17713
Storm of 1919 (4 folders) G-17714
Storm of 1932 (1 folder) G-177141
Storm of 1943 (1 folder) G-17715
Storm of 1961 [Carla] (11 folders) G-17716
Storm of 1983 [Alicia] (1 folder) G-17717
Storms, Miscellaneous (1 folder) G-17720
Snow & Ice (3 folders) G-1773
Galveston Bay (1 folder) G-17751
Bay Improvements (1 folder) G-17753
Causeway [pre-1900] (1 folder) G-1822
Causeway [1900-1915] (7 folders) G-18221
Causeway [1938- ] (1 folder) G-18223
San Luis Pass Bridge (1 folder) G-18224
Railroad Bridges (1 folder) G-1824
Seashore & Open Sea (1 folder) G-19
Lighthouses (2 folders) G-1918
Wharf Areas (1 folder) G-1920
Accidents at Wharf (1 folder) G-1921
Pelican Island (1 folder) G-1922

Galveston As Background

Harbor (10 folders) 1810s on
Construction at Wharves (3 folders) G-228
Parks [City] (2 folders) G-23
Garten Verein (5 folders) G-231
General City Views (10 folders) 1830s to 1990s
Aerial Views (13 folders) G-251
Aerial Photographs NASA (2 folders) G-252

People Without Emphasis on their Activity (Except in the case of children)

Homes & Living Conditions



Fishing (Commercial
Pier 19 Controversy
Oil (Petroleum)
Oil Field Equipment
Laboratories & Technological Research
Printing and Engraving

Seawall Construction (see our online exhibit)
Seawall Extensions
Grade Raising (see our online exhibit)

Processing & Manufacturing

Selling & Distribution


Organized Society - for security, justice, regulation and assistance

War & Military Affairs



Intellectual & Creative Activity

Social & Personal Activity


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