Photograph of group of men at Causeway Opening Celebration
B/w photograph; 12.6 x 16.2 cm
 Description:  Group of men at Causeway Opening Celebration:  (1) Sealy Hutchings; (2) S. W. Mitchell; (3) Charles H. McMaster; (4) Linton W. Stubbs; (5) John M. Murch; (6) Mart H. Royston; (7) A. P. Norman; (8) Valery E. Austin; (9) John Sealy; (10) Judge Ernest D. Cavin; (11) I. H. Kempner; (12) Fay Thornwell, Jr.; (13) unidentified; (14) unidentified; (15) J. W. Terry; (16) John E. Kauffman; (17) George F. Weston; (18) James D. McIlhenny; (19) George McQuaid; (20) H. A. Deats; (21) Herman C. Lange; (22) Harvey H. Haines; (23) R. Walter Wolston; (24) John Springer; (25) Mark Lowd; (26) Judge George E. Mann; (27) A. M. Blodgett; (28) Fred C. Pabst; (29) son of W. P. Parker; (30) Judge Alexander Gomez; (31) James C. Gengler; (32) Luke C. Bradley; (33) W. P. Parker; (34) Ballinger Mills.
May 25, 1912
Ceremonies; People; Hutchings, Sealy; Mitchell, S. W.; McMaster, Charles H.; Stubbs, Linton W.; Murch, John M.; Royston, Mart H.; Norman, Ambrose Pollet; Austin, Valery E.; Sealy, John; Cavin, Ernest D.; Kempner, I. H.; Terry, John W.; Kauffman, John E.; Weston, George F.; McIlhenny, James D.; McQuaid, George; Deats, Henry A.; Lange, Herman C.; Haines, Harvey H.; Wolston, R. Walter; Springer, John; Lowd, Mark; Mann, George E.; Blodgett, A. M.; Pabst, Fred C.; Gomez, Alexander; Gengler, James C.; Bradley, Luke C.; Parker, W. P.; Mills, Ballinger

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