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The causeway gives Galveston a convenient and economical connection with the mainland. Construction started July 21, 1909 and was completed in May, 1912.

Austin, Valery E.: OC3-10, OC3-15
Automobiles: OC3-1, OC3-6, OC3-7, OC3-9, OC3-10, OC3-11, OC3-13, OC3-14
Bicycles: OC3-2
Blewer, J. L.: OC3-1
Blodgett, A. M.: OC3-15
Boats: OC3-8, OC3-14
Bradley, Luke C.: OC3-15
Bridges Lift: OC3-8, OC3-14
Cavin, Ernest D.: OC3-15
Ceremonies: OC3-1a, OC3-1b, OC3-2, OC3-3, OC3-4, OC3-6, OC3-7, OC3-8, OC3-9, OC3-10, OC3-11, OC3-13, OC3-14, OC3-15
Colquitt, Oscar Branch: OC3-2, OC3-3, OC3-4, OC3-6, OC3-11, OC3-13
Commission Form of Local Government: OC3-10
Deats, Henry A.: OC3-15
Firsts Galveston: OC3-1, OC3-6
Fisher, Lewis: OC3-10
Flags: OC3-1a, OC3-2, OC3-4
Galveston Bay: OC3-1a, OC3-2, OC3-6, OC3-7, OC3-8, OC3-9, OC3-11, OC3-13, OC3-14
Galveston Daily News: OC3-1b
Galveston-Houston Electric Railway Co.: OC3-7, OC3-11, OC3-13
Gengler, James C.: OC3-15
Genter, Carl: OC3-1
Gomez, Alexander C.: OC3-15
Haines, Harvey H.: OC3-15
Harrison, Jack: OC3-1
Hutchings, Sealy: OC3-15
Interurbans: OC3-7
Kauffman, John E.: OC3-15
Kempner, Fannie: OC3-6
Kempner. I. H.: OC3-15
Lange, Herman C.: OC3-15
Lowd, Mark: OC3-15
McIhenny, James D.: OC3-15
McMaster, Charles H.: OC3-15
McQuaid, George: OC3-15
Mann, George E.: OC3-15
Mills, Ballinger: OC3-15
Mitchell, S. W.: OC3-15
Murch, John M.: OC3-15
Norman, Ambrose Pollet: OC3-10, OC3-15
Pabst, Fred C.: OC3-15
Parker, W. P.: OC3-15
Passenger Trains: OC3-8
Pavement Brick: OC3-14
People: OC3-1a, OC3-2, OC3-3, OC3-4, OC3-6, OC3-7, OC3-8, OC3-9, OC3-10, OC3-11, OC3-13, OC3-14, OC3-15
Plaques: OC3-1a, OC3-2, OC3-4
Railroads: OC3-2, OC3-8, OC3-11, OC3-13
Royston, Mart H.: OC3-15
Sealy, John: OC3-6, OC3-15
Springer, John: OC3-15
Stubbs, Linton W.: OC3-15
Terry, John W.: OC3-15
Terry, Rebecca: OC3-6
Walton, George: OC3-1
Weston, George F.: OC3-15
Wolston, R. Walter: OC3-15

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