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The grade raising, like the seawall, was a technological transformation. Conducted between 1904 and 1910, it radically altered Galveston’s appearance. It involved some 3,000 structures, including churches, schools, and residences. St. Patrick’s Church, displacing 3,000 tons, was the largest structure raised. It was elevated 5 feet through the employment of 700 jacks. This series includes several views of the raising of St. Patrick’s, as well Grace Episcopal Church Ursuline Convent. Street railway tracks were raised and fill piped in under them. The tracks sometimes had to be elevated to traverse the pipelines. However, streets and sidewalks were buried beneath fill. Residents had to pay for their replacement and for the raising of their houses.

21st Street: GE3-2, GE3-3
22nd Street: GE2-15
23rd Street: GE2-6, GE2-8
25th Street: GE2-1
African Americans: GE2-10, GE4-3, GE5-5
Avenue J: GE2-5, GE2-8, GE2-10, GE2-14, GE2-15
Avenue Q ½: GE2-1
Bathhouses: GE4-3, GE4-13
Beachfront: GE1-6, GE2-6, GE4-1, GE4-4, GE4-6, GE4-7, GE4-8, GE4-9, GE4-12, GE5-7
Bins: GE5-10
Boulevard Hotel: GE4-13
Breakers Bathhouse: GE4-3, GE4-13
Canal: GE1-2, GE3-1, GE3-2, GE3-3, GE3-4, GE3-5, GE3-8, GE4-14, GE5-8
Children: GE2-1, GE2-5, GE2-7, GE2-9, GE2-10, GE2-13, GE3-6, GE3-7, GE5-5
Depth Markers: GE1-1, GE1-13, GE1-15, GE3-2, GE3-3, GE4-8, GE4-10, GE5-8
Dikes: GE1-3, GE1-5, GE1-6, GE1-7, GE1-8, GE1-10, GE1-12, GE3-6, GE4-3, GE4-4, GE4-9, GE4-13, GE5-1
Discharge Stations: GE3-8
Dredges: GE1-15, GE2-6, GE2-13, GE3-1, GE3-2, GE3-3, GE3-4, GE3-5, GE3-7, GE3-8, GE4-1, GE4-14, GE5-2, GE5-3, GE5-4, GE5-6, GE5-9
Esplanade: GE2-8
Fences: GE2-7, GE4-7
Fill: GE1-2, GE1-5, GE1-12, GE1-13, GE1-14, GE1-15, GE2-2, GE2-3, GE2-4, GE2-5, GE2-6, GE2-7, GE2-8, GE2-9, GE2-10, GE2-13, GE2-14, GE2-15, GE3-2, GE3-3, GE3-4, GE3-8, GE4-10, GE4-11, GE4-12, GE4-13, GE4-14, GE5-1, GE5-2, GE5-4, GE5-6, GE5-9
Fire Hydrants: GE2-1
Galveston Bay: GE4-7
Graders: GE1-2, GE1-7, GE1-8, GE1-9, GE1-10
Gulf of Mexico: GE4-1, GE4-6, GE4-9, GE4-14, GE5-7
Gulf Terrace Hotel: GE4-3
Holes: GE2-1
Holm (dredge): GE4-14
Horses: GE1-2, GE1-7, GE1-8, GE1-9, GE1-10, GE2-1, GE4-13
Hotels: GE1-6, GE4-3, GE4-13
Houses: GE1-1, GE1-2, GE1-3, GE1-5, GE1-7, GE1-8, GE1-12, GE1-14, GE2-4, GE2-6, GE2-7, GE2-15, GE3-1, GE3-4, GE3-8, GE4-4, GE4-11, GE4-12, GE5-5, GE5-10
Leaks: GE2-2, GE2-3
Leviathan (dredge): GE2-13, GE3-2, GE3-3, GE3-7
Morris-Carter Photo Supply Co.: GE5-1, GE5-2, GE5-3, GE5-4, GE5-5, GE5-6, GE5-7, GE5-8, GE5-9
Oleanders: GE2-8, GE2-14
People: GE1-1, GE1-2, GE1-3, GE1-4, GE1-5, GE1-6, GE1-7, GE1-8, GE1-9, GE1-10, GE1-12, GE1-13, GE1-15, GE2-1, GE2-2, GE2-3, GE2-4, GE2-5, GE2-7, GE2-9, GE2-10, GE2-13, GE2-14, GE3-2, GE3-3, GE3-6, GE3-7, GE3-8, GE4-3, GE4-9, GE4-10, GE4-13, GE4-14, GE5-1, GE5-3, GE5-5
Pipelines: GE1-4, GE1-6, GE1-14, GE1-15, GE2-2, GE2-3, GE2-4, GE2-5, GE2-6, GE2-7, GE2-8, GE2-9, GE2-13, GE2-14, GE2-15, GE3-3, GE3-4, GE3-6, GE3-7, GE3-8, GE4-2, GE4-3, GE4-4, GE4-6, GE4-9, GE4-10, GE4-11, GE4-13, GE4-14, GE5-1, GE5-2, GE5-3, GE5-4, GE5-5
Riprap: GE5-7
Roller Coaster: GE4-3
Sand: GE4-4, GE4-6, GE4-9, GE4-10, GE4-12, GE4-14
Sandbags: GE1-5
Seaside Hotel: GE1-6, GE4-13
Seawall: GE4-1, GE4-4, GE4-8, GE4-14, GE5-7
Seawall Boulevard: GE4-2, GE4-3, GE4-13
Sheds: GE1-13, GE2-3, GE2-9, GE3-2, GE4-2, GE4-9, GE5-5
Signs: GE4-6
Soil: GE5-10
Street Railways: GE1-4, GE2-10
Street Scenes: GE1-4, GE2-5, GE2-8, GE2-10, GE2-14, GE2-15, GE4-2, GE4-3, GE4-11, GE4-13
Trees: GE2-3, GE2-5, GE2-7, GE2-10, GE2-15
Triton (dredge): GE3-4
Ursuline Convent: GE3-4
Utility Poles: GE1-4, GE2-14, GE2-15
Wagons: GE4-12
Walkways: GE1-3, GE1-5, GE5-3
Water: GE1-3, GE4-8, GE4-10, GE4-13
Women: GE3-6
Workmen: GE1-1, GE1-2, GE1-3, GE1-4, GE1-5, GE1-6, GE1-7, GE1-8, GE1-9, GE1-10, GE1-12, GE1-13, GE1-15, GE2-2, GE2-3, GE2-10, GE2-13, GE2-14, GE3-2, GE3-3, GE3-8, GE4-3, GE4-9, GE4-10, GE4-14

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