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1900 Storm Online Manuscript Exhibit

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The following collections contain letters, records,  and items about the 1900 Storm. Additional information regarding these and our other holdings can be located by contacting the Galveston and Texas History Center.

1900 Storm Benefit Concert Program, 93-0004
Program, "Brilliant Concert for benefit of The Flood Sufferers," Grand Opera House, Dec 11, 1900.

1900 Storm Letter, 91-0012
Letter from "Charlie" to Mrs. C. W. Law, Sep 12, 1900.

1900 Storm Letter, 93-0026
Fragment of a letter from Regina (?) to her father.

Anonymous Letter, 22-0045
Handwritten letter unsigned,  not addressed, written during the beginning and height of the Storm.

Austin, I. S. Papers, 83-0017
Letter describing the 1900 Storm, dated Nov 6, 1900.

Baltimore Committee in Aid of the Galveston Sufferers Record, 80-0019
Souvenir program concert at music hall in Baltimore, Oct 17, 1900. Includes a list of patrons and narrative of the 1900 Storm. Poem "The Ruined City", by W. Elbert Dande. Also includes New York Journal Special Correspondent, Mrs. Winifred Black's report from Galveston dated September 13, 1900.

Blagden, J. D. Papers, 46-0006
J.D. Blagden was serving a temporary assignment with the Galveston Weather Bureau in Sep, 1900. His letter to a family in Duluth describes the disastrous hurricane. 7 pages. 

Block, A. Papers, 73-0344
Letter to Jennie Robinson, Roseland TX dated Sep 16, 1900. Description of the Storm.

Brown, James/Winnifred B. Clamp Letters, 85-0013
James Brown to his sisters and cousins regarding the 1900 Storm. Winnifred B. Clamp to J. D. Clamp, dated Oct 24, 1900.

Burton, Margaret Sealy Papers, 99-0006
Typescripts of letters written to Margaret Sealy Burton by members of the Sealy family describing their experiences at "Open Gates" during the Storm.

Butler and Alger Papers, 76-0002
Letter dated Oct 10, 1900 and contract to H. C. Tarter asking him to become a salesman for the company. Also publisher's broadside describing their new book, "Galveston: the Horrors of a Stricken City."

Darst, William Maury Papers, 93-0023
Several typed accounts of the Storm including letters and speeches.

Davis, Walter W., 1900 Storm Letter, 89-0018
W. W. Davis to his mother regarding the 1900 Storm.

Dinkelaker, Bertie Papers, 99-0004
Typescript of poem titled, "In Loving Memory of My Little Scholars Lost at Poolville, Galveston County, Texas." 

Dorsey, C. H. Papers, 24-0151
Messenger from the Relief Association.

Easton 1900 Storm Letter, 2000-0034
Letter dated Oct 14, 1900 to Manie H. Easton.

Fayling, L. R. Papers, 80-0021
Untitled account of experiences in the Galveston Storm. Written ca. 1905 in response to the many books that had been published following the Storm.

Focke 1900 Storm Telegrams, 95-0023
Telegrams from Focke family inquiring about health after the 1900 Storm.

Focke, J. Papers, 04-0028
Announcements and notices of the Relief Committee following the Storm.

Focke, J. Papers, 67-0006
Mrs. John Focke to her daughters Elisabeth and Ellen describing the Storm. Original in German. Typescript in English.

Focke, Wilkens & Lange 1900 Storm Notice, 93-0025

Fort Point Light Station Journal, 1 volume, 73-0381
Log of wind velocities, weather reports, and unusual events in the vicinity of Fort Point, 1898-1906.

Galveston Central Relief Committee Records, 24-0149+
Notice that all persons requiring food see certain people in a certain area. (Same as 04-0028)

Galveston Central Relief Committee Records, 25-0587
Report of the Census taken after the 1900 Storm.

Galveston Fire Department Records, 68-0146
Letter dated Oct 15, 1900 to the Mayor regarding the fire department's loss of horses during the Storm and their need to purchase 4 additional horses.

Galveston Independent School District Records, 04-0071
Appeal for people to purchase a book to benefit the Galveston schools.

Galveston Placards Collection, 89-0020
Galveston Tribune calendar. Galveston will rebuild.

Galveston Public Labor Committee Records, 68-0147
Letter from Jens Noller, chairman of the committee on public labor to the ward bosses, dated Sep 24, 1900. Instructs them to hire men to clean up the debris and bury or cremate the dead.

Galveston School Building Repair Fund Records, 24-0147
List of donations.

Galveston-Texas City Pilots Logbooks, 75-0002
Pilots' ledgers noting the arrivals and departures of ships in Galveston Harbor, 1891-1902.

Gonzales Family Papers, 89-0016
Letter from Eleanor "Nell" Hertford Gonzales to future husband Boyer Gonzales in New York. Relates Storm experiences. Wishes to leave Galveston forever. Three photographs (a little fuzzy) showing house damage.

Hawley, J. H. Papers, 67-0042
Col. Joseph Henry Hawley writing to his wife (?) and daughter Mary Hawley Willis (wife of Short A. Willis) who reside in Litchfield, CT. His son and daughter-in-law with their one year old son traveled to Litchfield CT after the Storm.

Holt, C.A. Papers, 24-0148+
Notice of introduction for messenger from Relief Association.

Jones, Walter C. Papers, 98-0053
Two letters from Walter C. Jones, Mayor, to C.A. Sias, Acting City Engineer, regarding specific damaged property after the 1900 Storm.

Ketchum, E. N. Papers, 24-0148
Pass dated September 14, 1900 identifying C. A. Holt.

Kohut, G. A. Papers, 68-0008
A song of the Storm-lashed coast. Poem about Storm. Clipping cut from Galveston News sometime after Oct 12, 1900.

Littlejohn, S. H. Papers, 25-0586
Account by 8 year-old Sarah Helen Littlejohn of her experiences during the 1900 Storm. 10 handwritten pages. 

McMaster, Charles Henry Papers, 22-0051
Report on condition of island farmers.

McMaster, Charles Henry Papers, 22-0052
Notebook with alphabetical listing of residents west of he city and relief distributions. Lists all west end farmers.

McNeir, George Paschal Papers, 99-0003
Describes his experiences on a vessel in port during the 1900 Storm.

McVitie, William A., 24-0150
Speaks of inability to get food. Pass to give a man food.

Minot Family Papers, 76-0016
Letter dated Sep 11, 1900 from George to "My Girl." Also two typed letter dated Sep 14 and 20 from John and George.

Monagon, J. L. Papers, 29-0175+
Passes issued to the first relief party. Correspondence between pass-holders wishing to reclaim their passes. Newspaper article gives Monagan's account of the Storm.

Napp, F. Papers, 76-0026
Letter Sep 9, 1900 to Maggie Napp. Describes the 1900 Storm in Galveston written on the back of a piece of wallpaper.

New York (City), Board of Education Records, 22-0046+
Correspondence related to donations from new York schools to aid Galveston in 1900 Storm damage.

Nicholson, M. Papers, 68-0009
Five postcards telling about the Storm.

Nindi, A. Papers, 68-0144
Letter from A. Nindi to Mayor Walter c. Jones of Galveston expressing her thought that his Uncle John C. Cameron must have died in the 1900 Storm. Relates information on Cameron. Dated Sep 17, 1900.

Nolan, T. H. Papers, 68-0039, 
Letter to Thomas H. Nolan, Galveston from Phil H. Clements on Aetna Insurance Company letterhead, dated May 9, 1902. Offers assistance in legislation for Galveston aid to recover from the Storm.

Nolan, T. H. Papers, 68-0057+
Letters to Thomas H. Nolan in support of legislation for Galveston aid to recover from the Storm.

Oakley, J. Papers, 68-0143
Letter from Chicago IL to the city of Galveston and would like to be informed of any available positions in the "stricken city", Oct 7, 1900. Shows that Galveston Planned to rebuild.

O'Brien, Miles M. Letter, 22-0047
to M. E. Kleberg, Jan 5, 1901.  Concerns enclosed check for 27,907.02.  

W. A. Palmer Papers, 04-0070
Notice distributed to the citizens of Bastrop asking for cooperation with school children to sell a book for the benefit of Galveston public schools.

Parker, J. H. Papers, 98-0052
Reports to C.A. Sias, Acting City Engineer, from J. H. Parker, Foreman Streets and Alleys Department, about cleaning the streets and digging drainage ditches following the 1900 Storm. Important item regarding the cleanup of the city.

Red Cross. Galveston Relief Committee Records, 34-0020
All persons requiring supplies will apply to the following persons: List of ward chairmen of the Red Cross.

Red Cross Records, 05-0007
94 pages, typescript; Clara Barton's report to the President on the 1900 Storm.

Rollfing, Louisa Christina Papers, 80-0054
Autobiography--vol. 3 includes storm experiences.

St. Louis World's Fair Program, 76-0004
Program for the World's Fair in St. Louis MO, Apr 1904. Describes an attraction at the Fair called the "Galveston Flood."

Scholes, G. D. Papers, 79-0023
Letter of December 25, 1960 from Geneva Dibrell Scholes to Charles Scholes in which she describes her family's experiences in the 1900 Storm.

Storm Relief Indexes, 98-0017
Two indexes of rations and clothing distributed to residents of the Third Ward in Galveston afte the 1900 Storm.

Stuart, B. C. Papers, 29-0028+
Account  of the Storm written by Stuart ca. 1913.

Souvenir Booklet, 74-0007
Illustrations of the Galveston Cataclysm [German]

The Texas Cyclone, 99-0005
Typed copy of lyrics to "the Texas Cyclone" by William w. Delaney, that was originally published in Delaney's songbook in New York, Oct 1900. 

Thompson, James E. Papers, 69-0247--69-0263
Includes a Storm pass.

U.S. Commerce Department, Weather Bureau Records, 85-0020
Records of the 1900 Storm. Photocopies.

U.S. National Weather Service Records, 95-0002
Memorandum, correspondence, and articles from the National Weather Service.

Willis, P. J. Papers, 68-0145
Note mentioning horses and wagons arriving in Galveston to help in cleaning up the city after the Storm. Dated Oct 3, 1900.

Funding for the 1900 Storm Photo Exhibit was provided by a TexTreasures grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the  Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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