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Miss Emma Beal

1900 Storm 

Oral Histories 


Mr. John W. Harris

Oral Histories Subject Index

The Galveston and Texas History Center holds over 150 oral histories recorded and transcribed over a 40 year period. These oral histories add immeasurably to the depth of the manuscript repository.

Of those, excerpts from eleven oral histories relating to the Galveston Storm of 1900 are included here.

Miss Emma Beal 
Date: Apr 26, 1972. 
Interviewer: Marilee Neal. 
Parenthetical statements indicate remarks and questions asked by Mr. Doyle McDonald and Miss Henerietta Hoffman.

Miss Emma Beal 
Date: Jun 14, 1972. 
Interviewer: Marilee Neale. 
Parenthetical statements indicate remarks of Miss Henrietta Hoffman. Bracketed on page 16 was edited by Miss Henrietta Hoffman after Miss Beal's demise on December 2, 1972. Wednesday, June 14, 1972. Second interview with Miss Emma Beal.

Mr. Henry J. Bettencourt and Mrs. Margaret C. Rowan Bettencourt  
Date: Aug 30, 1972.  
Interviewer: Marilee Neale

Mr. Hyman Block
Date: Feb 5, 1980
Interviewer: Bob Nesbitt

Mr. William Mason Bristol
Date: Mar 1, 1972 in Mr. Bristol’s apartment at the Gulf Breeze complex.
Interviewer: Marilee Neale

Wilbur Goodman
Date: Jan 17 and Jan 23, 1975
Interviewer: Bob Nesbitt
The interview consists of 144 pages. Only those pages directly concerning the 1900 Storm are available here. 

Rosa Tod Hamner
Date: Interview: Feb 13, 1975
Interviewer: Margaret Henson
The interview consists of 33 pages. Only those pages that directly concern the 1900 Storm are available here. 

John W. Harris
Date: Interview: Dec 22, 1980
Interviewer: Robert L. Jones
The interview consisted of 45 pages. Only those pages that directly concern the 1900 Storm are available here. 

Louise Hopkins  
Date: Interview: Jul 8, 1982  
Interviewer: Jane Kenamore
The interview consisted of 40 pages. Only those pages that directly concern the 1900 Storm are available here. 

Ellen Edwards Nilson  
Date: Year unknown, but Mrs. Nilson passed away Feb 17, 1966.  
Interviewer: Reverend Glen Echols
Interview consists of  13 pages with two additional pages of biographical data. Only the Storm-related pages are available here. 

Katharine Vedder Pauls (Mrs. Cortes)  
Date of Interview: Feb 3, 1970
Interviewer: Susan Atherton  
The interview consists of 55 pages of which 16 directly concern the 1900 Storm. Only those pages are available here.

Funding for the 1900 Storm Photo Exhibit was provided by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the Texas State Library and Archives Commission.
If you are interested in a copy of any oral history, please review our research policy and contact us by e-mai.

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