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The hurricane destroyed the Galveston and mainland causeway approaches, although it left the central span, running 1,700 feet, intact. The lift bridge also remained intact. Nevertheless, the causeway had to be completely rebuilt.

The 1915 Storm caused breaks in submerged mains, disrupting Galveston’s water supply. The Galveston Daily News, August 27, 1915, likened the city to “a desert derelict, struggling around through the waste.” Laborers shut off the flow to the 30-inch mains that ran along the causeway, only to discover that the submerged mains were also ruptured. An 8-inch temporary water main was strung along the causeway to bring water in from the mainland.

Alta Loma, Texas: CW1-11
Barrels: CW2-12
Bridges – Trestle: CW2-4, CW2-5, CW2-6, CW2-11, CW2-14, CW2-15, CW2-16, CW3-1
Debris: CW1-3
Dredges: CW2-14
Galveston Bay: CW1-6, CW1-7, CW1-15, CW2-2, CW2-3, CW2-5, CW2-8, CW2-10, CW2-11, CW2-12, CW2-15, CW3-3, CW3-5
Galveston-Houston Electric Railway Co.: CW1-14, CW2-7, CW2-12, CW3-3
Interurbans: CW1-14, CW2-7, CW2-12, CW3-3
Locomotives: CW2-14, CW2-15
Morris-Carter Photo Supply Co.: CW1-1, CW1-5, CW1-6, CW1-7, CW2-8, CW2-12, CW3-1
Passenger Trains: CW2-4, CW2-6
People: CW1-1, CW1-6, CW1-10, CW1-11, CW2-1, CW2-2, CW2-3, CW2-11, CW2-12, CW2-14, CW2-15, CW3-3, CW3-5
Pile Drivers: CW2-12, CW2-14, CW2-15, CW2-16, CW3-1
Pipelines: CW1-11, CW2-1, CW2-2, CW2-3, CW3-5
Railroads: CW1-4, CW1-14, CW2-4, CW2-5, CW2-6, CW2-7, CW2-11, CW2-12, CW2-14, CW2-15, CW2-16, CW3-1, CW3-3
Riprap: CW1-1
Utilities: CW1-11, CW2-1, CW2-2, CW2-3, CW2-12, CW3-1, CW3-5
Utility Poles: CW1-15
Virginia Point: CW3-3
Water Supply: CW1-11, CW2-1, CW2-2, CW2-3, CW2-12, CW3-1, CW3-5
Work Trains: CW2-6, CW3-1
Workmen: CW1-11, CW2-1, CW2-2, CW2-3, CW2-11, CW2-12, CW2-14, CW2-15, CW3-5

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