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The hurricane resulted in the death of only soldier, a private, at Fort Crockett, although it destroyed tents and hundreds of rifles there. The fortís battery pits were flooded, rendering gunpowder unusable, although the 12-inch mortars themselves were not harmed.

Barracks: FC1-4
Laundry: FC1-4
Military Installations: FC1-1, FC1-2, FC1-3, FC1-4, FC1-5
People: FC1-2, FC1-5
Searchlights: FC1-1
Seawall: FC1-3
Soldiers: FC1-2, FC1-5
Tents: FC1-2, FC1-4
U.S. Army: FC1-1, FC1-2, FC1-3, FC1-4, FC1-5
Water: FC1-2

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