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8th Street: RA3-5
10th Street: RA2-5
12th Street: RA2-1
14th Street: RA2-2
17th Street: RA2-3
19th Street: RA2-12
21st Street: RA1-13, RA2-14
23rd Street: RA4-1
29th Street: RA1-14
Alison Doura (schooner): RA3-7
Apartments: RA2-5, RA3-4, RA3-6, RA3-14
Avenue J: RA2-14
Avenue P½: RA1-12
Bandstands: RA1-13
Beach Scenes: RA2-4
Businesses: RA1-13
Christensen Residence: RA2-4
Debris: RA2-8, RA2-11, RA3-6, RA3-14, RA4-1
East End: RA1-15
Hotel Galvez: RA4-1
Hotels: RA1-12, RA2-14, RA4-1
Houses: RA2-8, RA2-11
Kleinecke Residence: RA2-12
Lampposts: RA2-5, RA3-6, RA3-14
Looters: RA1-4
Morris-Carter Photo Supply Co.: RA1-1, RA1-2, RA1-3, RA1-4, RA1-9, RA1-11, RA1-12, RA1-13, RA2-7, RA2-15, RA2-16
Panoramic Views: RA4-1
Pavement Brick: RA1-7
People: RA1-3, RA1-9, RA2-10, RA2-15, RA2-16, RA3-1, RA3-8, RA3-9
Plaza: RA1-12, RA1-13
Sailing Vessels: RA3-7
Sand: RA1-2, RA1-9, RA1-10, RA2-12, RA2-13, RA2-15, RA2-16, RA3-3, RA3-8, RA3-9, RA3-13
Seawall: RA1-4, RA2-7, RA3-7, RA3-11, RA3-14
Seawall Boulevard: RA1-1, RA1-3, RA1-5, RA1-6, RA1-7, RA1-8, RA1-13, RA1-14, RA2-2, RA2-3, RA2-5, RA2-6, RA2-9, RA2-12, RA3-4, RA3-5, RA3-6, RA4-1, RA4-2
Soldiers: RA1-4
Street Railways: RA1-5, RA1-13, RA2-14, RA2-15, RA2-16, RA3-3
Street Scenes: RA1-1, RA1-3, RA1-5, RA1-6, RA1-7, RA1-8, RA1-11, RA1-12, RA2-1, RA2-2, RA2-3, RA2-5, RA2-6, RA2-9, RA2-10, RA2-14, RA3-4, RA3-5, RA3-6, RA3-8, RA3-14
Taylor Motors Co.: RA1-13
U.S. Army: RA1-4
Utility Poles: RA2-15, RA2-16
Vinson Hotel: RA1-12, RA2-14
Vogel Residence: RA1-3, RA2-6
Wagons: RA3-1
Water: RA1-9, RA3-13
Women: RA3-9
Workers: RA3-8

Galveston and Texas History Center I Rosenberg Library

Funding for the 1900 Storm Photo Exhibit was provided by a TexTreasures grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the Texas State Library and Archives Commission

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