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GALVESTON: Reaching its Zenith

Alphabetical listing of subject headings that index the Artwork of Galveston photographs.

# A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

11th Street: AW-52
16th Street: AW-46
19th Street: AW-65
20th Street: AW-10, AW-20, AW-22
21st Street: AW-11, AW-56, AW-63
22nd Street: AW-8, AW-21, AW-28, AW-31, AW-36, AW-40, AW-50(t), AW-50(b), AW-68
23rd Street: AW-19(b), AW-49, AW-62
23rd Street – 822: AW-35(t)
23rd Street – 1120: AW-3(t), AW-19(b)
24th Street: AW-15, AW-70
24th Street – 1124: AW-14(b) 25th Street: AW-26, AW-34
26th Street: AW-19(t), AW-47(b)
29th Street – 1611: AW-53(t)
31st Street – 1803: AW-53(b)
41st Street: AW-18
Adoue & Lobit: AW-54
African Americans – Education: AW-47(b)
Agriculture: AW-69
Avenue B: AW-8, AW-26, AW-29, AW-31, AW-38, AW-54
Avenue C: AW-4, AW-11, AW-15, AW-21, AW-22, AW-70
Avenue D: AW-19(t), AW-33, AW-34, AW-40, AW-49, AW-56, AW-62
Avenue D – 1210: AW-25(t)
Avenue D – 1226: AW-25(b)
Avenue E: AW-23(t), AW-63
Avenue F: AW-36, AW-65
Avenue G: AW-12(b), AW-18
Avenue G –1102: AW-64(b)
Avenue H: AW-20
Avenue I: AW-28, AW-32(b), AW-50(t)
Avenue I – 1502: AW-12(t)
Avenue I – 1627: AW-39(t)
Avenue J: AW-59(b)
Avenue J – 1402: AW-3(b)
Avenue J – 1726: AW-64(t)
Avenue J – 2004: AW-39(b)
Avenue J – 2302: AW-5(t)
Avenue J – 2307: AW-35(b)
Avenue J – 2424: AW-5(b)
Avenue J – 2508: AW-14(t)
Avenue J – 2528: AW-23(b)
Avenue K School: AW-59(t)
Avenue M: AW-47(b)
Avenue N: AW-61
Ball High School: AW-6
Ballinger (Hallie) Residence: AW-53(t)
Bath Avenue School: AW-47(t)
Bathhouses: AW-67(b)
Beach Hotel: AW-44
Beaches: AW-51
Beachfront: AW-44, AW-67(b)
B’nai Israel Congregation: AW-50(t)
Bolivar Lighthouse: AW-45(r)
Bonita (sailing vessel): AW-60
Bridges: AW-42
Bridges – Wagon: AW-30
Businesses: AW-1, AW-4, AW-8, AW-11, AW-18, AW-19(t), AW-21, AW-22, AW-26, AW-31, AW-34, AW-40, AW-43, AW-49, AW-54, AW-56, AW-62, AW-68, AW-70
Central High School: AW-47(b)
Churches – Baptist: AW-28
Churches – Episcopal: AW-50(b)
Churches – Methodist Episcopal: AW-45(l)
Churches – Presbyterian: AW-55, AW-65
City Hall: AW-10
City Park: AW-13
Clarke & Courts: AW-4
Cotton Bales: AW-43, AW-60
Cotton Compresses: AW-1, AW-43
Davis (Waters S.) Residence: AW-14(b)
Dickinson Bayou: AW-32(t), AW-37, AW-42, AW-57
Downtown Views: AW-8, AW-15, AW-19(t), AW-22, AW-26, AW-34, AW-40, AW-49, AW-56, AW-62, AW-68
Dredges: AW-9
Factories: AW-18
Fences: AW-33, AW-45(r), AW-53(b), AW-61
Fifth District School: AW-47(t)
First Baptist Church: AW-28
First District School: AW-52
First Presbyterian Church: AW-55, AW-65
Fishing Industry: AW-24
Focke (John) Residence: AW-25(b)
Fourth District School: AW-59(b)
Fowler (Charles) Residence: AW-14(t)
Galveston Bay: AW-30
Galveston Cotton and Woolen Mills: AW-18
Galveston Cotton Exchange: AW-11
Galveston County: AW-32(t), AW-37, AW-42, AW-57, AW-69
Galveston County Courthouse: AW-20
Galveston County Jail: AW-27(t)
Galveston Daily News: AW-11
Galveston Harbor: AW-9, AW-16(t), AW-16(b), AW-24, AW-41, AW-46, AW-60, AW-66
Galveston Water Works: AW-1, AW-27(b), AW-48
Galveston Wharf Co. Dredge Boat No. 3: AW-9
Garten Verein: AW-7(t), AW-7(b), AW-17
Government Buildings: AW-2, AW-10, AW-20, AW-27(t)
Grain Elevators: AW-60
Gresham (Walter) Residence: AW-3(b)
Gulf of Mexico: AW-51
Haden Residence: AW-57
Harbor Views: AW-9, AW-24, AW-41, AW-46, AW-60, AW-66, AW-i
Harmony Hall: AW-36
Harris (John W.) Residence: AW-19(b)
Heye (Gustav) Residence: AW-23(t)
Hitchcock, Texas: AW-69
Horse and Buggies: AW-8, AW-31, AW-54, AW-60, AW-68
Hotels: AW-44, AW-58
Houses: AW-3(t), AW-3(b), AW-5(t), AW-5(b), AW-12(t), AW-12(b), AW-14(t), AW-14(b), AW-19(b), AW-23(t), AW-23(b), AW-25(t), AW-25(b), AW-32(t), AW-35(t), AW-35(b), AW-39(t), AW-39(b), AW-53(t), AW-53(b), AW-57, AW-64(t), AW-64(b)
International and Great Northern Railroad Co.: AW-42
Interior Views: AW-43, AW-55
Jetties: AW-16(t), AW-16(b)
John Bright (steamship): AW-60
Johnson (William R.) Residence: AW-23(b)
Johnson’s Furniture: AW-19(t)
Kauffman & Runge: AW-21
Kenison (Alphonse) Residence: AW-3(t)
Ladd (William F.) Residence: AW-35(b)
Landscaping: AW-7(t), AW-7(b), AW-13, AW-17, AW-32(b)
Lange (Hermann C.) Residence: AW-64(b)
Lasker (Morris) Residence: AW-64(t)
Levi (Leo N.) Residence: AW-53(b)
Locomotives: AW-16(b)
McDonald (D. D.) Residence: AW-12(b)
Marx & Blum: AW-70
Masonic Temple: AW-63
Medical Buildings: AW-29, AW-33, AW38
Medical College of the University of Texas: AW-38
Moody (W. L.) & Co.: AW-31
Nichols Residence: AW-32(t)
“Old Red”: AW-38
Oleanders: AW-32(b)
Orchards: AW-69
Oystering: AW-24
Pagoda Bathhouse: AW-67(b)
Palm Trees: AW-14(b)
Panoramic Views: AW-1, AW-48
Pears: AW-69
People: AW-22, AW-40, AW-49, AW-62, AW-68
Railroads: AW-42
Randall (Edward) Residence: AW-39(b)
Reymershoffer (Gus) Residence: AW-23(t)
Reymershoffer (John) Residence: AW-23(t)
Rosenberg School: AW-52
Sailing Vessels: AW-24, AW-60, AW-66, AW-i
St. John’s Methodist Episcopal Church (South): AW-45(l)
St. Mary’s Cathedral Parochial School: AW-67(t)
St. Mary’s Infirmary: AW-33
Saloons: AW-34
Santa Fe Building: AW-26
Schools – Parochial: AW-67(t)
Schools – Public: AW-6, AW-47(t), AW-47(b), AW-52, AW-59(t), AW-59(b)
Schott (J. J.), Druggist: AW-22
Sealy (George) Residence: AW-5(b)
Sealy (John) Hospital: AW-29
Sealy (Rebecca) Residence: AW-35(t)
Second District School: AW-59(t)
Signs: AW-26, AW-49, AW-56
Smith (Ashbel) Building: AW-38
Steamships: AW-41, AW-60
Street Railways: AW-15, AW-18, AW-19(t), AW-22, AW-34, AW-40, AW-59(b), AW-68
Street Scenes: AW-4, AW-8, AW-10, AW-11, AW-12(b), AW-15, AW-18, AW-19(t), AW-19(b), AW-20, AW-21, AW-22, AW-23(t), AW-26, AW-28, AW-29, AW-31, AW-32(b), AW-33, AW-34, AW-36, AW-38, AW-40, AW-47(b), AW-49, AW-50(t), AW-50(b), AW-52, AW-54, AW-56, AW-59(b), AW-61, AW-62, AW-63, AW-65, AW-68, AW-70
Stringfellow, Henry Martin: AW-69
Synagogues: AW-50(t)
Taylor Compress Co.: AW-1, AW-43
Teutonia (steamship): AW-41
Trees: AW-53(t), AW-69
Tremont Hotel: AW-58
Tremont Opera House: AW-49
Trinity Episcopal Church: AW-50(b)
Trube (J. C.) Residence: AW-39(t)
U.S. Customs House & Post Office: AW-2
Ursuline Convent: AW-61
Utilities: AW-27(b)
Utility Poles: AW-2, AW-14(t), AW-15, AW-54, AW-61, AW-63
Wagons: AW-8, AW-15, AW-26, AW-34, AW-49
Wallis (Joseph E.) Residence: AW-12(t)
West Broadway School: AW-59(b)
Wilkens (Henry) Residence: AW-25(t)
Willis (P. J.) Residence: AW-5(t)

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