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Reading Room Regulations and Guidelines

Many of the materials in the Galveston and Texas History Center are unique and fragile. The purpose of the following regulations is to preserve our historically valuable materials for future generations.

1.    All researchers must sign in at the registration desk.

2.    All purses, briefcases, notebooks, notepads, clipboards, folders, binders, books, and other personal items must be stored in the lockers provided. With the approval of reading room staff, up to three pages of personal notes may be kept out for reference. 

3.    Pencils and notepaper will be provided. The use of ink is prohibited.

4.    Food, beverages, chewing gum, and tobacco are prohibited in the reading room.

5.    Cell phones are permitted, but must be silenced.

6.    Cameras are permitted; cases must be stored in locker. 

7.    Scanners, tripods, and any other audio/visual equipment are not permitted.

8.    Personal computers are permitted; cases must be stored in locker.

9.    Materials may not be checked out or removed from the reading room. 

10.    A call slip must be completed for each item requested. 

11.    Materials must be handled with great care:

12.    Photocopies can only be made by reading room staff. 

 Effective 17 July 2018

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